From staying where he is with Gresini but with an official bike, to possibly joining Aprilia or KTM.

Marc Márquez’s serious demeanor was evident at the official press conference kicking off the Italian GP. The light-hearted banter among Martín, Pecco, and some journalists in the front rows ceased as soon as Márquez arrived. The Spanish and Italian riders had arrived early and were chatting about soccer when Martín asked if it was true that Mbappé would finally join Real Madrid this year. AS responded affirmatively, likening it to Márquez potentially joining the official Ducati team, which made both riders burst into laughter.

During the press conference, the eight-time world champion reiterated, as he had on TV, that joining Prima Pramac was not an option for him, even if it meant having access to Ducati’s current official equipment. Off the record, Martín expressed surprise at this declaration, though he remained more diplomatic when speaking into the microphones, simply stating that Márquez must have his reasons.

This publication asked what they found more challenging and exciting: fighting for the best possible results on the track or battling off-track to secure the best bike. Márquez revealed he had three potential scenarios ahead of him. Martín was the first to respond, saying, “Both are interesting because when you’re fighting for your future, you’re looking to have a long career and to progress as a rider and person. What I can control is what I do on the track, and I want to focus on that since things are going great there. The off-track battle is handled by my representative and close circle.” Márquez added, “What happens on the track is more interesting because it’s something you have control over. Off the track, I feel comfortable because I have three scenarios I’m happy with. I don’t have just one option.” When asked to clarify these scenarios, he declined.

The potential scenarios for the eight-time champion include staying with Gresini Racing but with the official bike of the current year, which would depend on Prima Pramac. They have the first right to decide if they want to use the current year’s official bikes, and they likely didn’t appreciate Márquez’s public refusal to join their team. Another option is moving to the official Aprilia team to take over Aleix Espargaró’s bike, as Espargaró will retire at the end of the season, a prospect that would delight Il Capitano. The third scenario involves finally joining KTM with the support of his personal sponsor, Red Bull, potentially creating a dream team alongside Pedro Acosta in the official box. This would require Brad Binder to move to the GASGAS team, despite having two more years on his contract with Red Bull KTM, or Márquez could join the current Acosta team, Red Bull GASGAS Tech3, which, although a satellite team, has seen significant technical improvements this year to support the rookie Acosta.