Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose came out first. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss were out next. Also, we got formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton. Cross and Rose started things off. Rose slammed Cross first. She showed off some, but Cross came back with a clothesline. She danced around like Rose and shook her hips for a big pop. Cross hit a basement dropkick. Deville tagged in.

They tangled, and Bliss came in with a snap suplex for a two count. Eventually, Bliss and Rose came back in, and Bliss slapped Rose. Rose was furious. Bliss caught a strike and dropped her with another right hand. She delivered knees and a moonsault for another pin attempt. Superstars came down to the ring chasing WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth and Carmella. Bliss came from behind and rolled Truth up for a close two count.

Carmella ran away with Truth on her back while Superstars chased them. Bliss had Rose in a hold. Rose slid out, and they tangled. Deville tagged in and dropped Bliss with a massive kick for a close pin attempt. She kept Bliss grounded and talked some trash while fans tried to rally. Deville slammed Bliss back to the mat. Fire & Desire with more offense and quick tags, keeping Bliss near their corner.

Rose delivered a suplex to Bliss and Deville followed up with a running knee for a two count. Rose unloaded on Bliss in the corner while fans tried to rally. Bliss rolled Rose up out of nowhere. Rose talked some trash and swung, but Bliss ducked. They both connected and both went down. Deville and Cross tagged in and Cross unloaded. Cross went to work on Deville and hit a running bulldog from the corner.

Rose ran in, but Cross sent her to the floor. Cross slammed Deville with a back suplex. She got hyped up for a pop. Cross climbed to the top and nailed a crossbody on Deville for a pin attempt. She and Rose ended up down on the outside. Deville slammed Bliss from the top rope. Rose and Deville with a big double team on Bliss but Cross broke the pin up just in time for another pop. Cross tagged in and climbed to the top.

She leaped at Rose and rolled through, but knocked Deville off the apron. Rose missed a knee on Cross. Cross delivered the neck breaker from the top rope to Rose, for the pin to retain. After the match, Cross took the titles to Bliss a ringside to recover and celebrate. Rose and Deville looked on from the ring while Bliss’ music hit and the champions backed up the ramp.


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