Superstars grew up as WWE Fans and sometimes they appeared on TV long time before they ever stepped in a ring. From WrestleMania to random interviews, check out these superstars who were on WWE TV as fans.

On the march 2nd, 1998, episode of RAW, Kane and Paul Bearer were going to hold a Ten Bell Salute to the Undertaker to mock The Deadman after Cain set him on fire at the royal Rumble event. After attacked a fan, the camera panned to a young, terrified Johnny Gargano in the crowd.

We had seen Charlotte Flair quite a few times in WWE. She was famously at WrestleMania 24 and on RAW the following night, but she made plenty of WCW appearances, as well. Charlotte celebrated with her father after he captured the WCW title at Starrcade 93. Then she made multiple appearances on Nitro as a teenager in 1999 and 2000, including this time when she gave Vince Russo major side eye. She also cheered on her father at Great American Bash 2000, when he faced her half-brother, David, one-on-one.  

During a 2007 Australian Tour, a 14-years-old Peyton Royce was interviewed with some friends about her main man, John Cena.

Michael Cole likes to say, it’s boss time, whenever Sasha Banks is on screen. Ten years ago, he was in the presence of The Boss and didn’t even realize it on the 900th episode of RAW in 2010.

The Rock was WWE’s first third generation superstar, and he always had an eye for sports entertainment. A young Great One was seen on an edition of Championship Wrestling in March 1984, proudly watching his father, Rocky Johnson, in action.

On the August 15th, 2005 episode of RAW, the camera caught a smiling Maryse in the crowd during John Cena’s entrance. Later in the show, the 2005 Diva Search winner was announced, which must have caught Maryse’s eye because she was a contestant the following year.

After WrestleMania 27, John Morrison visited Washington, DC, to sign copies of the event’s DVD. And you might notice one of the faces interviewed was the Velveteen Dream.

The Usos grew up in WWE, so we’ve seen them on WWE TV a few times. Most notably, when Jimmy and Jey danced in baggy football jerseys with their father, Rikishi, during a 2002 episode of WWE Confidential.  But we need to set the record straight on another alleged appearance, which also go back to this 1997 episode of RAW. Contrary to the online rumors, this was neither Jimmy or Jey. It was their brother who called out an imposter Santa Claus.

On a September 29th, 2003, edition of RAW, AJ Lee can be spotted for a split second as she waits to get her tickets for WrestleMania 20.

After the Hat foundation prevailed in a chaotic Ten-Man Tag Team match at In Your House Canadian Stampede, the family rushed to the ring, including Natalya, Tyson Kidd, and David Hart Smith. They debuted together as The Hart Dynasty more than a decade later.  


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