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SmackDown Results – Roman Reigns routs Robert Roode


Welcome to our WWE-News.com for Live SmackDown results – January 17, 2020 edition. Tonight’s show came live from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The show opened up with a graphic in memory of WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson – who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 75. Michael Cole welcomed us, with Corey Graves accompanying him at ringside. They hyped tonight’s show.

Daniel Bryan and Kane reunite and combat “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

Kane came out for his special appearance. He marched to the ring while Greg Hamilton did the introduction. Kane took the mic and said we’re just 9 days away from his favorite night of the year – the Royal Rumble. He talked about the match where 30 people put their souls on the line. The match where you go through Hell for a chance at immortality at WrestleMania. Kane bragged about his Rumble Match eliminations record and said he realizes how important this match is. He said WrestleMania dreams have turned to nightmares all because of him, and he has to admit – it was a lot of fun. Kane laughed.

However, the Firefly Fun House music interrupted and we saw WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt on the big screen. Wyatt acknowledged Kane and said it’s not nice to brag on other people’s bad times, and called him a big red bully. He assured everyone Ramblin’ Rabbit is alive and well, and recovering nicely after what happened to him last week. We saw Rabbit hooked up to an IV of some kind of carrot concoction. Wyatt said winning the Rumble is a great idea, especially if the winner challenges for this at WrestleMania – the WWE Universal Title. He pointed to a picture of Kane on the wall, with His eyes crossed out.

Wyatt said if his picture is up there, that means he and The Fiend got it on. Kane acknowledged this while Wyatt got serious. We saw some flashes of their history together. Wyatt said he will never forget Kane, and neither will “he” forget. The lights started going down in the arena as Kane looked all around. The arena went black. The red lights came on and we heared the familiar sounds echo over the arena. Kane was standing on the outside of the ring, looking up the ramp. Suddenly, The Fiend appeared from a hole in the ring. The Fiend crawled out and crawled to the ropes. Kane turned around and stared at him. He asked what took him so long.

The Fiend seemed to pause and stepped back a bit. Daniel Bryan hit the ring out of nowhere and leveled The Fiend with a running knee as he turned around. The Fiend tried to escape back through the hole in the ring but Bryan was still trying to fight him, crawling at him. Bryan came back up from the hole with a handful of The Fiend’s dreadlocks, likewise The Fiend did with him several weeks ago. He stood tall under the red light while fans were chanting a “yes!” Bryan looked around and joined in on the chant as the lights came back up. So, Kane entered the ring and got another “yes!” chant going. Team Hell No did the chant together as Bryan’s music hit.

Elsewhere, Kayla Braxton stopped Daniel Bryan backstage. Bryan said a lot of people think The Fiend is good at mind games and getting the best of people, but he’s really the best at running away. He asked how you beat someone who disappears every time they’re in trouble? Bryan’s got an idea. It’s not a good idea and really not a smart idea, but he challenges The Fiend to a Strap Match at the Royal Rumble. Bryan said they will each have one end of the strap and will go to war until one man wins. He talked about how he understands what could happen to him, but he’s done with the games and The Fiend escaping down the hole every time he gets in trouble. Bryan said The Fiend changed him but at the Rumble, he will change The Fiend and win the Universal Title.

John Morrison def. Big E

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day – Big E came out with Kofi Kingston. John Morrison came out next for his WWE in-ring return – his first match in more than eight years. The Miz was accompanying Morrison to the ring. They went at it while fans were chanting for The New Day early on. Big E overpowered and knocked Morrison to the mat early in the match. Morrison turned it around and mounted Big E with aggressive strikes. He kept control and took Big E to the apron, working him over.

Morrison nailed a big neckbreaker from the apron to the floor.  After the break, Morrison has Big E grounded in the ring. Kofi tried to rally fans for Big E. Besides we saw how Morrison nailed a big kick during the break. Big E powered up and launched Morrison but he came right back with another kick. Morrison posed for a mixed reaction but mostly boos. Miz wasn’t happy. Morrison hit a standing Shooting Star Press for a two count.

Big E powered up and went for the Big Ending but it’s blocked. Morrison came off the top but missed as Big E landed several belly-to-belly suplexes. He turned it around with a cheap shot to the eyes while the referee was unable to see. Fans booed. Big E dropped Morrison and ran the ropes for a big splash in the middle of the ring. So, fans chanted “New Day rocks!”

Morrison shut the momentum down and kicked Big E again. He nailed another neckbreaker for a two count while Miz was cheering him on. Miz got on the apron and distracted the referee but Kofi came over and pulled him off. They argued and Kofi shoved Miz into the steel ring steps. Morrison climbed to the top and leapt out, taking Kofi down on the floor with a big move. He was all smiles as Big E recovered in the ring.

Morrison posed on the apron but Miz pushed him out of the way into safety as Big E charged. Big E reached for Miz but got dropped with a kick from the side by Morrison. Morrison came back in and dropped Big E with a knee. He went up top in the corner and hit Starship Pain for the pin to win.  After the match, Morrison’s music hit as Miz hit the ring to celebrate with him.

The Usos def. The Revival

The Usos were backstage with Roman Reigns. They asked what his stipulation for the Rumble will be but he said they will find out when everyone else does. Reigns said he’s been training in the yard but he wonders if The Usos are ready for what they have in store. They were hyped up for The Revival and walked off for a match it appears. The Usos and Reigns welcomed The Revival to The Uso Penitentiary.

The Usos – Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso came out. The Revival – Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were out next. The bell hit and Dawson started off with Jimmy. Dawson beat him into the corner and then backed off. Jimmy charged and they went at it. They ran the ropes and Jimmy dropped Dawson with a big chop. More back and forth until Jimmy nailed a big right hand to the mouth. Jey tagged in for the double team on Dawson, into the corner for a two count.

Dawson turned it around on Jey and in came Dash off the tag. He hit a slingshot suplex for a two count as Dash launches himself in from the apron for the pin attempt. The Revival unloaded on Jey in their corner, beating him down while the referee warns them. They played to the crowd for some boos. Dawson beat Jey while he’s down and dropped a leg, then an elbow, then a headbutt. He covered for a two count.

Dawson grounded Jey on the mat, working him over and going into another hold. Jimmy waited for the tag and Dash taunted him from the opposite corner. So, the fans started rallying for Jey. Jey broke free but Dawson kicked him. He countered a suplex and they tangled. Jey dropped Dawson with a big jumping kick to the head. Jimmy and Dash tagged in at the same time. Dash unloaded with shots to both opponents.

Jimmy ducked a shot from Dash and caught him with a Samoan Drop. Fans popped for Jimmy as he charged but gets sent to the apron by Dash. Jimmy fought back and climbed to the top for a big crossbody but Dash kicked out at two. He went for a superkick but it’s blocked. The Revival with a double team counter, leading to Dash rolling Jimmy up for a two count.

Jey tagged back in and they hit a double superkick to Dash, then to Dawson as he ran in. So, fans cheered for The Usos. Jimmy tagged back in. Jey ran the ropes and nailed a suicide dive to Dawson on the floor. Jimmy stood up on the top rope and nailed the big Uso splash on Dash for the pin to win. After the match, The Usos stood tall as their music hit. The announcers commented on how The Revival continues to slide down the ladder. The Revival looked on from the stage while The Usos celebrate.

Lacey Evans def. Bayley

Bayley and Sasha Banks were in the trainer’s room. Banks had a hurt ankle. Bayley was furious and threatened to turn Lacey Evans into a stay-at-home mom. WWE Producer Adam Pearce showed up and commented on Banks failing to deliver on the match once again. He made Bayley vs. Evans official and said it will be non-title, but it is happening. Bayley and Banks weren’t happy with the ruling. Pearce walked off and here came commercial. After the break, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley came for this non-title match. Bayley was furious and ready to fight. Lacey Evans was out next and she was all smiles.

The bell rang and Evans charged but Bayley went right to the floor for boos. Evans followed and talked trash. She chased her back in but Bayley stomped away and unloaded. Evans ended up fighting back and sending Bayley to the floor after a head scissors. She leapt out and took Bayley down on the floor. Evans worked Bayley around the ringside area while the referee counted. She brought it back in and fought from the apron for a roll-up and a two count. Evans with another roll-up for a quick pin attempt.

Bayley took Evans down and used the second rope for the pin but the referee caught her. The referee had words with Bayley. Evans tried to capitalize but Bayley kept her down and worked her over. Bayley delivered several forearm shots. She put Evans back down for another quick pin attempt. Bayley grounded Evans by her arm. Evans looked to mount a comeback but Bayley dropped her again. Bayley mounted Evans and kept her down while fans were trying to rally with a chant for Lacey. She played to the crowd and got rolled up by Evans for a two count.

Bayley sent Evans to the apron and taunted the crowd some more. Evans fought back and sent Bayley into the turnbuckles. She delivered more offense while fans were cheering her on. Evans tossed Bayley across the ring and nailed a big kick to send her into the corner. She charged in the corner with another big boot thrust. Evans went back to the second rope, stood and saluted, then jumped to the top rope for the springboard moonsault. Bayley got her knees up. Evans rolled to the floor in pain and Bayley followed and charged with a big running knee to the head against the barricade.

After the break, Bayley was dominating Evans in the corner. Bayley taunted the crowd but wasted time and got dropped face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Evans blocked a shot from the floor and kicked Bayley back. She brought Bayley back in but Bayley dropped her over the middle rope with a Stunner. Bayley covered for a two count. She mounted Evans and unloaded with a bunch of strikes. Bayley nailed another big suplex but Evans continued to kick out. She hit the flying elbow from the second rope but Evans still kicked out at two.

Bayley showed more frustration. Fans started chanting for Evans but Bayley nailed a knee to the face. Bayley climbed to the top but landed hard on a crossbody attempt as Evans moved. Evans charged in the corner but Bayley dropped her face-first into the turnbuckle. Bayley looked to capitalize but Evans dropped her out of nowhere with a big Woman’s Right for the pin to get the non-title win. After the match, The Lady of WWE stood tall and has her arm raised.

Alexa Bliss def. Sonya Deville

Earlier tonight, the announcers looked at the recent happenings between Mandy Rose and Otis. We saw Rose and Sonya Deville backstage. Rose was excited about Deville’s match tonight and said Rose was right last week, this is the year of Fire & Desire. Sonya asked if Rose thinks Otis might want to be at ringside for her match tonight. Rose asked why because Rose will be at ringside. Sonya said she didn’t get the Otis thing before but after seeing him out there helping Rose win last week, she gets it. Rose isn’t seeing “the Otis thing” how Sonya is and seemed confused. Sonya just wanted Rose to ask Otis if he will be at ringside.

Sonya Deville came out with Mandy Rose. Alexa Bliss was out next with Nikki Cross. The match was about to start but the music interrupted and Heavy Machinery – Otis and Tucker appeared. They watched from the bottom of the ramp. Deville took control early on and nailed a big running kick for a two count in the middle of the ring. She grounded Bliss on the mat now. Bliss fought out and arm dragged Deville. Deville came back but Bliss fought her off and slapped her, then dropped her with another strike.

Bliss hit a basement dropkick and then kicked in the corner while the referee counted. She hit a big kick and went to grab Deville but Rose came to the top to interfere. Cross ran over and knocked Rose off the top but Otis caught her on the floor. Deville and everyone looked at Otis holding Rose. They were all smiles. Bliss took advantage of the distraction and rolled Deville up for the pin to win. After the match, Bliss and Cross headed to the stage. Rose joined Deville in the ring to apologize for the distraction. Otis was on cloud nine.

Roman Reigns def. Robert Roode in a Tables Match

Roman Reigns for tonight’s main event as the pyro went off. Reigns will get to choose the stipulation for his match with King Baron Corbin at the Rumble, but Corbin will choose if Roode wins. Robert Roode ran down and attacked Reigns from behind while Reigns was walking down the ramp. They took it into the ring as the brawl continued. Reigns took control and dropped Roode on the floor again. He went to stand a table up on the floor but Roode cut him off and sent him into the steel steps.

Reigns turned it back around and the announce table was cleared off. Roode rocked Reigns and sent him into the steel steps shoulder-first to turn it back around. He slid a table in the ring but Reigns dropped him with a Drive By. Fans chanted for Reigns while he was waiting for Roode to get up. Reigns played to the crowd and then ran around the ring. He went for a big Spear into the barrier but Roode moved. Reigns crashed through into the timekeeper’s area and clutched his arm.

However, the music hit and King Baron Corbin appeared, carried to the ring on his caravan by the servants. Here came commercial with Reigns down at ringside as Roode got up. After the break, Roode had a table standing in the ring. He also had Reigns up top for a superplex through that table. Corbin was at ringside. Reigns fought back and headbutts Roode. He slid down and went for a powerbomb through the table as fans popped. Roode fought out and rocked Reigns. He went for the Glorious DDT through the table but it’s blocked.

Roode blocked a Samoan Drop and knocked the table over. Reigns countered and sent Roode out to the floor. He grabbed a table and tried to lean it in the corner but he’s struggling with it. Finally, he props the table up and went back out to Roode. Reigns charged and hit a Superman Punch on the floor. He brought Roode back in and waits to deliver a Spear through the table in the corner when Roode stood up. Corbin hit the apron and Reigns swung but he jumped off.

Dolph Ziggler hit the ring and Reigns turned around to a big superkick out of nowhere. Corbin entered the ring and mounts Reigns, pounding on him while the referee just watched. Ziggler went out and cleared off what’s still on the announce table. Reigns got sent into the ring post. Corbin and Ziggler lay Reigns on the announce table as Roode climbed to the top rope. The Usos ran into the ring. Roode leapt at them but they nailed a double superkick. They took out Ziggler and Corbin, then nailed double dives to them on the floor. So, fans popped big for The Usos making the save.

They helped Reigns up and laid Ziggler on the announce table. The Usos walked the top of the barrier and hit a double Uso splash on Ziggler through the announce table for another big pop. Reigns powered up in the ring and then nailed a big Spear on Roode, putting him through the table in the corner. The bell hit and Reigns got the win for putting Roode through the table. After the bell, we saw Corbin throwing a tantrum at ringside.

The music stopped and Reigns said the Royal Rumble is in a baseball stadium, Minute Maid Park, and he’s going to beat Corbin all over it. Reigns announced that their match will now be a Falls Count Anywhere match. Corbin continued to rant and complain at ringside as Reigns celebrated with The Usos in the ring. SmackDown on FOX went off the air.



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