Welcome to our WWE-News.com for WWE Royal Rumble Results. The 2020 WWE Royal Rumble came live from Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX. Tonight’s show Kickoff pre-show opened live from Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas as Jonathan Coachman welcomed us. Charly Caruso, David Otunga and Christian Coach. The panel hyped tonight’s big event and ran down tonight’s card. Coach sent us to Renee Young, Sam Roberts and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T on the ramp. They also hyped up tonight’s big Royal Rumble Matches.

Sheamus def. Shorty G

Sheamus came out for tonight’s first match, which is his TV in-ring return. Shorty G was out next while Greg Hamilton did the introductions. Sheamus overpowered G a few times to start. They locked up and G worked on the arm. Sheamus rocked him and turned it around. He beat G down and they tangled some more. G countered on the mat and came back up but Sheamus dropped him with a shoulder.

Sheamus stood tall for some cheers. He clubbed G around but G put him into the ropes. Sheamus knocked him back, and rocked G in the corner. They ran the ropes and G hit crossbody to Sheamus over the top rope to the floor. They both hit the floor but G landed first on feet. Sheamus beat G up and brought it back in. G ended up rolling Sheamus for a two count.

Shorty with takedown but Sheamus resisted, kicking G into the turnbuckles. Sheamus drove G into the ring post, shoulder-first. He nailed a shoulderbreaker. G looked to be bleeding from his ear. Sheamus stomped away on G’s hand while the referee warned him. He bent G’s fingers around the middle rope while the referee warns him again. G fought back with strikes but Sheamus beat him down again.

Sheamus grounded G and worked on the arm some more.  After the break, Sheamus continued to dominate G while he’s down, focusing on the arm and the fingers. G looked to make a comeback but Sheamus took him to the apron and unloaded with the forearms to the chest while fans counted along and cheer. Sheamus sent G to the floor. He delivered the Beats of the Bodhrán again on the floor, and yelled out to the crowd, asking if they’re entertained.

Sheamus brought it back into the ring and talked trash while beating G around. G fought back with aggressive offense. He hit a big kick to the face. G kept control and dropkicked the knee out. He delivered more offense, taking it to the corner. G hit the big kicks to the face and the shoulder. He took Sheamus down and stomped away on the hurt Sheamus’ knee.

Moreover, G took Sheamus back down with another running kick. He went to the top for a moonsault but Sheamus caught him in mid-air. G countered that and hit big DDT. He climbed back to the top and nailed the moonsault for a two count. G caught Sheamus with a big German suplex and held it for a two count. He continued focusing on the hurt knee and leg. Sheamus rocked him from the apron over the top rope. He used the ropes again and G went down.

Sheamus climbed to the top and leapt but G caught him, turning it into an ankle lock in the middle of the ring. He turned over and kicked away at G to break the hold. G charged but Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick but missed. G rolled Sheamus into the ankle lock again. They tangled some more and G got a close crucifix pin. Finally, Sheamus leveled G with a big Brogue Kick for the pin to win. After the match, The Celtic Warrior stood tall and played to the crowd.

United States Champion Andrade def. Humberto Carrillo

Humberto Carrillo came out first while Mike Rome did the introductions. WWE United States Champion Andrade was out next with Zelina Vega. The bell rang and Andrade showed some disrespect but Carrillo went right to work. They aggressively went at it and broke, showing each other up. Andrade smiled at Carrillo. He missed an elbow in the corner and hit the top turnbuckle. Carrillo kept control and sent Andrade to the floor with an arm drag. He slide out but Andrade ducked.

Andrade dodged a kick and takes out Carrillo’s leg on the apron. Carrillo kicked Andrade in the face and then kicked him in the face again, sending him back. He climbed to the top but Andrade knocked him off, sending him face-first into the barrier wile Vega was cheering him on. Andrade worked Carrillo over on the outside, chopping away. After the break, Andrade hit a cross armbreaker over the ropes as he brought it back in, keeping Carrillo grounded.

Carrillo looked to mount a comeback but Andrade shut him down. Andrade delivered chops against the ropes. Carrillo came back with a kick to the mouth. Andrade countered a move and put Carrillo back down. He kept Carrillo grounded with a submission. Andrade hit some more disrespect as Carrillo countered. Carrillo hit a big crossbody and some kicks. Vega looked concerned.

Carrillo rolled into a moonsault but Andrade got his knees up. Andrade kicked away in the corner while Vega chanted “knees!” for Andrade. He went to the opposite corner but Carrillo fought back. Carrillo ended up hitting a big moonsault and they both went down face-first on the outside while the referee was checking on them. Carrillo brought it back in at the six count. He launched himself in but Andrade caught him for a two count.

Andrade shut Carrillo down again and hit the Three Amigos suplexes. Carrillo countered a suplex and dropped Andrade with one of his own. He missed another moonsault and a kick. Andrade sent Carrillo back into the turnbuckles while Vega was chanting “knees!” again. Andrade ran and nailed the double knees to the face. Carrillo blocked the Hammerlock DDT and rolled Andrade for a two count.

They traded big strikes in the middle of the ring. Andrade delivered a big chop. Carrillo hit chops of his own. Andrade ran into a superkick but still kicked out at two while a worried Vega was looking on. Carrillo dropped Andrade again for another pin attempt. They traded shots from their knees as they fought back to their feet. Andrade unloaded with elbows to the face. Carrillo missed a kick. More counters and missed between the two.

Carrillo dropped Andrade with a back elbow. He went to the top but Andrade ran up with a kick to the face. Andrade brought Carrillo to the second rope and they traded shots to the face. Carrillo went to the top and brought Andrade with him. He hit a huge hurricanrana from the top. Carrillo crawled across the ring for another very a two count. They tangled some more while Vega was encouraging Andrade.

Carrillo and Andrade traded more quick moves and pin attempted between them. Andrade caught Carrillo and rolls him up for the pin to retain. After the match, Andrade stood tall with the title and Vega joined him. Carrillo sat down in the corner and recovered as Andrade made his exit with the title in the air.

Roman Reigns def. King Corbin in Falls Count Anywhere Match

Roman Reigns came out for tonight’s opener. King Corbin was out next carried on the caravan by his servants while Greg Hamilton did the introductions. The announcers showed us recent happenings between Corbin and Reigns. Corbin stall going in but Reigns came out after him, going for Corbin’s security first. Corbin had this planned apparently, as he went to work on Reigns on the outside. Reigns went into the steel ring steps. Corbin brought it in the ring but Reigns turned it around.

Reigns mounted Corbin in the corner with big shots while fans were counting along. Corbin slide free and went to the floor but Reigns followed. He rocked Reigns at the ropes and he didn’t make it to the floor. Reigns came out while Corbin was trying to go over the barrier. He stopped Corbin but Corbin hit headbutt. Reigns rocked Corbin with a big right hand and dropped him on the floor. He brought it back in the ring and kept control. Reigns slammed Corbin back for another pin attempt.

Corbin avoided a Superman Punch and caught Reigns with Deep Six for a two count. He took Reigns out and slammed him into the barrier. Corbin brought half of the steel steps over and drove them into Reigns’ face. Reigns went down and Corbin posed for the fans while they were booing him. Corbin cleared the Spanish announce table. Reigns fought Corbin off and sent him head-first into the announce table. They fought through the crowd with Reigns beating Corbin around.

Reigns knocked Corbin down a row of chairs while fans went wild. He continued working Corbin around and hit headbutt. Reigns rocked Corbin back to the ringside area. Corbin grabbed the ring bell and decked Reigns with it. He brought Reigns over and chokeslammed him on top of the German announce table. The table buckled, but didn’t break. Monitors fell to the floor. Corbin covered Reigns over behind the table but Reigns kicked out at two. So, he showed some frustration.

Corbin brought Reigns over in front of the tables but Reigns fought back. He blocked a Superman Punch and chokeslammed Reigns through the Spanish announce table, which broke. Corbin covered but Reigns kicked out at two. So, he took Reigns back into the crowd, smiling with Reigns in a headlock. Corbin pointed up and started taking Reigns in that direction. Graves said there’s a massive structure there near the tech area. The referee followed as Corbin beat Reigns around. Corbin beat Reigns back down and posed but fans booed him.

Corbin continued to dominate and fans continued to boo. He bought Reigns over to the international announce teams at their tables. Reigns countered with a big Samoan Drop through a table for a big pop. He put Corbin through another table with a second Samoan Drop but couldn’t put Corbin away. The brawl continued as Reigns and Corbin were a level up at a tech area. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler appeared out of nowhere and stomped away on Reigns while were fans were booing them.

The Usos made the save for a big pop. Ziggler tossed Jimmy over some production cases. Roode rocked Jey but Jimmy eventually fought back. Ziggler assisted and Jey got put down. Roode and Ziggler brought Jey over and put him into a stack of boxes. Ziggler hit a trash can lid over Jey’s back. Roode and Ziggler continued to double team Jey. Cole said they are in Center Field of the stadium. Jimmy came flying out of nowhere from up high at the cases, taking Roode and Ziggler down for a big pop.

Corbin ran over out of nowhere and took Jimmy down. Reigns flew over with a big Superman Punch to Corbin, and another. He continued to beat Corbin around the field, into an area with portable bathrooms. Reigns opened one of the portable bathrooms and sent Corbin into it. He closed the door and dragged the Porta Potty over. Reigns tipped the bathroom over with Corbin inside while fans were cheering him on and chanting “holy shit!” Corbin fell out of the door but he didn’t look like he’s covered in blue or anything else.

Reigns beat Corbin back through the crowd and he’s hyped up, controlling the fight. Corbin fell around and pulled part of the baseball dugout covering off. Reigns continued to pound on him. Corbin caught Reigns with a steel chair shot and another. He sent Reigns on top of the dugout. Fans booed as Corbin stood tall on the dugout and delivered another chair shot. The boos continued for Corbin as he delivered another chair shot, and then tossed the chair away.

Corbin went for End of Days on the dugout but Reigns rocked him, and then delivered another Superman Punch to stun Corbin. Reigns charged and hit a big Spear on top of the dugout for the pin to win. After the match, The Big Dog slowly got back to his feet. He played to the crowd while they were cheering him on. Reigns posed with the fans to end the segment.

Charlotte Flair won the 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match

Mike Rome went over the rules for the 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match. Alexa Bliss came out at #1. NXT’s Bianca Belair was out next. The bell rang and Belair tried for an early elimination. Belair took Bliss to the corner and hit a big shoulder thrust. She took Bliss to the top and worked her over. Bliss knocked Belair back to the mat and unloaded with strikes, then a dropkick for a pop. Belair taunted Bliss. She missed a clothesline and ended up hitting a backbreaker on Bliss. Belair nailed a moonsault while the timer counted down.

Molly Holly got #3 spot. Molly was her “Mighty” gimmick tonight and almost eliminated Belair. She hit a double clothesline. Molly climbed to the top and nailed a double crossbody for a pop. She stood tall and posed for a pop. So, fans chant “you still got it!” Nikki Cross was out next at #4 while Bliss smiled. Cross ran to the ring and unloaded on Belair and Molly. They ended up getting the best of Cross and Bliss. Belair nailed a KOD to Cross, on top of Bliss. Molly and Belair worked to dump Bliss and Cross, who dropkicked Molly.

Bliss with a Destroyer to Belair. All four ended up down. Lana got #5 spot while fans were booing her entrance. Lana called for her music to be cut. She called herself the greatest “WWE” Superstar. Lana went on talking trash to the fans and about how she will win for her new husband Bobby Lashley. She entered the ring and tried to dump Molly. Lana went to work on Belair next while the timer counted down. NXT’s Mercedes Martinez got #6 spot. Martinez hit the ring and leveled Molly with a big boot. She slammed Cross next.

Bliss attacked but Martinez slammed her face-first. Martinez sent Lana to the apron and they tangled. Liv Morgan was out next. She ran to the ring and eliminated Lana immediately. So, the fans popped. Lana threw a fit at ringside, yelling at the referee about how she won’t leave while Liv was laughing. Liv turned around to Mercedes, who sent her to the apron but Liv fought her off. Lana eliminated Liv and fans booed. Liv and Lana brawled at ringside. Finally the referees broke them up. Mandy Rose was out next.

Cross told Rose to bring it. She charged and Rose dropped her with a shoulder. Rose sent Cross to the apron but she fought back in. Bliss worked on Belair. Cross tackled Rose and unloaded on her. Candice LeRae from NXT got #9 spot. LeRae hit the ring and unloaded. She hit a moonsault on Cross. Belair eliminated Molly. Bliss attacked and Rose got sent out but she landed on top of Otis, who was under the ring hiding. Rose smiled and thanked him, and then went back in the ring to unload on Bliss. She worked on Bliss.

Sonya Deville  got #10 spot. Deville dropped LeRae, then Belair, and then Cross. She delivered a big knee to Cross. Deville sent Cross to the apron and she hung on. Otis was still at ringside dancing around. Deville and Rose worked on LeRae. Martinez worked on Cross. Belair and Bliss traded shots. Deville fought Martinez off. Bliss and Cross double teamed Belair. Deville and Martinez continued trading shots in the middle of the ring. Rose and Deville double teamed Martinez. Otis was annoying the announcers.

Rose and Deville double teamed Martinez and eliminated her. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane got #11 spot. Sane flew off the top with her umbrella, staring the others down and taunting Bliss and Cross. She took them both down with a Spear. Deville attacked Sane but Sane got the upperhand. Sane unloaded on Rose. Sane delivered shots to Belair and LeRae next. Mia Yim was out next at #12. Yim hit a leaping neckbreaker to Rose and Eat Defeat to Cross. She tried to dump Cross but she hung on.

Belair went to work on Bliss. Sane tried to eliminate LeRae. Belair pressed Bliss high in the air but Cross saved her. Belair sent Cross to the apron and rocked her. Bliss saved her. Belair eliminated Cross using Bliss’ legs. She tried to eliminate Bliss but she fought back in. Deville accidentally sent Rose out but Otis caught her. Belair knocked Deville into Otis and Rose, eliminating both Deville and Rose while Fans booed. Dana Brooke was out at #13. Brooke hit the ring and dropped Yim, and then LeRae. Brooke went to the top and hit a big senton on Yim. He continued unloading on some of the NXT Superstars.

Yim unloaded on Brooke and kicked her to the mat. Belair rocked LeRae while she’s on top. She pressed LeRae high in the air and tossed her out, eliminating her. Belair had tied the Women’s Rumble record for eliminations. Sane went to the top and Bliss knocked her off, eliminating Sane. Yim worked on eliminating Bliss. Tamina Snuka was out at #14. She hit the ring and ran wild on everyone. Belair and Tamina faced off in the middle of the ring, talking trash. They started brawling. Belair eliminated Snuka and she had a new record.

Bliss dropped Belair with a big kick. Dakota Kai was out next. Kai hit the ring but Dana beat her down. She unloaded on Dana and they went at it. Yim attacked Bliss. Kai hit a running kick to Brooke. Bliss eliminated Yim. Belair worked on Bliss in the corner now. Chelsea Green got #16 spot, and Robert Stone of The Robert Stone Brand was accompanying her. Green headed to the ring by herself. She eliminated Kai. Bliss eliminated Green while Belair eliminated Brooke to end the quick sequence.

Belair and Blair went at it as they were the only ones in the ring. Bliss went for Twisted Bliss but Belair got her knees up. Belair sent Bliss to the ropes but they both tumbled to the apron. They traded shots on the apron. Bliss grabbed the hair of Belair. Belair eliminates Bliss and was the only one left in the match while some fans were booing her. Belair had eight eliminations. Charlotte Flair was out next as Belair tried to recover. They brawled until Naomi came out to make her return for a big pop. Naomi went right to work and had a stalemate with Flair.

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix was out at #19. Flair and Beth went right at it. Beth dropped Naomi next and went back to work on Flair. Naomi swung but Beth countered and trieed to dump her out. Naomi fought Flair and Beth from the apron, springboarding in and taking both down. Flair worked on Naomi as Beth and Belair went at it. Toni Storm got #20 spot. Storm came in with shots to the others, rocking Flair into the corner. Flair fought back and out. She delivered chops to Storm. Naomi kicked Flair.

Belair went to the top but Flair kicked her off and eliminated her. So, Flair showed off and Belair wasn’t happy. Kelly Kelly was out at #21. She hit the ring to a pop and took out Storm, and others. Kelly rubbed her backside in Storm’s face. Flair dropped Kelly. Beth tried to eliminate Flair but she hung on. Beth looked to be biting Flair’s hand but she’s still hanging on. Kelly worked on Storm while Naomi was watching. Sarah Logan got #22 spot. Logan hit the ring as Flair suplexed Beth. She unloaded on Flair in the corner.

Beth grabbed Logan and sent her to the apron. Logan fought Storm and Beth off. Flair eliminated Logan while Kelly tried to dump Flair, who sent Kelly to the apron. Flair eliminated Kelly. Beth got triple-teamed. Natalya was out at #23.  She hit the ring with clotheslines for everyone. Xia Li was out at #24. She unloaded on Beth and dropped her, and then Storm. Flair kicked Li and showed off. She scooped Li but she slide out. Li dropped Flair with a big kick. She tried to dump Flair but Flair dropped her into the turnbuckle.

Flair scooped Li. Beth tried to dump Storm. Natalya worked on Naomi. Zelina Vega got #25 spot. Vega hit the ring and went at it with Beth, sending her down. She worked on Storm. Flair got triple-teamed in the corner but she hung on. Naomi saved Flair and hit Beth from behind. Shotzi Blackheart got #26 spot and went at it with Storm, dropping her with a kick to the head. Beth and Natalya sent Naomi to the apron but she hung on. Naomi got send down the steel steps but she leapt to the barrier. She kept her feet from touching the floor while fans were cheering her on.

Naomi hung on to the barrier while the WWE Network froze. She was still hanging on while the referee was checking her out. Naomi pulled herself to the barrier and fans cheered her on as she stayed in the match. She made her way to the Spanish announce table, stopping to size things up. Carmella was out next at #27. Naomi was still thinking about how she will get back in the ring. Carmella spun Natalya around with the scissors and took her down. She unloaded on Natalya in the corner, and Beth.

Naomi had jumped to the other announce table. Flair hit a Natural Selection to Carmella. Naomi and Beth double teamed Flair with a Glam Slam. Beth was bleeding from the back of her head it looks like, pretty badly. Flair got send through the ropes by Beth and Natalya, but she’s still in the match. Tegan Nox was out next at #28. Nox unloads and nailed Beth and Natalya in the corner. She ate a Glam Slam in the middle of the ring. The blood continued to turn Beth’s hair red. Storm fought off Phoenix.

Santina Marella was out next, the “sister” of Santino Marella. She hit the ring and Beth stared her down. Marella talked trash to Beth and showed off. She turned around to Natalya on the other side. Marella took out The Cobra but they’re not afraid. Santina eliminated herself.  Shayna Baszler got #30 spot for a pop. Baszler easily tossed Flair, Li and Nox. Shotzi attacked Shayna but got eliminate. Baszler also eliminated Vega. Naomi was using the top of the announce table to build a bridge back to the ring steps, and made it back.

Shayna eliminated Carmella and then Storm. Naomi came off the top and went at it with Baszler. Baszler eliminated Naomi with ease and got some boos. Natalya and Beth hit a big Hart Attack to Baszler. Beth turned on Natalya and eliminated her to a big pop. Baszler worked on Beth, and Flair ran in the ring and was still legal apparently. She tried to eliminate Baszler and Beth but couldn’t. Flair and Baszler stared each other down. Baszler dumped Beth and went at it with Flair, who hangs on.

Finally, Flair eliminated Baszler to win the match and earn the WrestleMania 36 title shot. After the match, The Queen celebrated and posed. Charly Caruso entered with a mic and interviewed Flair. She talked about winning and said this is her division.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley def. Lacey Evans

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley came out first. Besides, Cole showed us the other international announce teams in the arena. Lacey Evans was out next while Greg Hamilton did formal ring introductions. We saw her daughter and her husband at ringside. Evans took control early on and worked Bayley over on the mat. The referee caught Bayley trying to expose the top turnbuckle. Evans ended up rocking Bayley and launching herself in with an elbow. Bayley sells a knee injury and the referee backed Evans off.

Bayley was just suckering in, taking advantage to drop Evans with a punch. She dropped Evans again and nailed a big top rope elbow drop for a two count. Bayley unloaded with strikes. She kept Evans grounded. Evans fought up and out. Evans started to mount offense but Bayley nailed a big clothesline out of the corner for a two count. Bayley kept control and dropped Evans with an elbow to the face for a two count. She mounted Evans with more strikes while the referee warned her.

Bayley grounded Evans again, and then sent her back to the corner. She charged but Evans moved and Bayley went down. Evans fought in from the apron and hit a big knee. Evans rolled her for a two count. Bayley mocked Evans with a salute. Evans dodged a crossbody and Bayley landed hard. She exploded with more offense and played to the crowd for a big pop. Bayley countered and dropped Evans to the apron. Evans springboarded in but it looked like she fell, still taking Bayley down.

Bayley rolled to the floor to avoid a pin attempt. Evans launched herself out and fell again it appears. Bayley launched Evans into the barrier and she went down right in front of her family. She taunted Evans’ daughter and beat on her right in front. Bayley sent Evans back into the barrier in front of her daughter. She brought it back in but Evans blocked the Bayley-to-Belly. Evans kept fighting and nailed a neckbreaker. She hit a standing moonsault.

Evans climbed to the top, saluted and went for the springboard moonsault but Bayley got her knees up. Finally, Bayley went right into the pin attempt for the win to retain. After the match, Bayley went right to the floor with her title. Evans sat up in the ring and looked to get emotional. We got a look at Evans’ family at ringside. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley stood tall on the ramp and made her exit.

Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt def. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan came out first tonight’s Strap Match. The Firefly Fun House music started up next but the music changed and the lights went down. The crazy entrance of WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt was out next. He was carrying the head lantern and his custom title belt. We got formal ring introductions from Hamilton while the two were staring each other down. Bryan got a “Yes!” chant going. Wyatt bucked at Bryan and yelled. The referee attached them to each end of the strap and we got the bell.

They went at it and The Fiend pulled Bryan but Bryan rocked him. Bryan took it to the corner and delivered kicks. He mounted Fiend but Fiend nailed a big powerbomb out of the corner. Fiend started whipping Bryan with the strap. Bryan was on his knees but Fiend whipped him again, and then laughed. Fiend stood over Bryan and continued beating on him with the leather strap. He hit a big headbutt to keep Bryan down. Bryan fought back and sendt Fiend out, kicking him through the ropes. He charged and dived out but Fiend swat at him, sending him into the barrier.

Fiend worked Bryan over on the floor, keeping him down and doing a “Yowie! Wowie!” for the crowd. He whipped away on the outside and then brought Bryan back in, taunting Bryan in his face. Fiend had Bryan on the top turnbuckle, beating on him and adding to the red marks across his back. He turned Bryan upside down in a Tree of Woe. Fiend whipped away with the leather, unloading while Bryan fell to the mat. He laughed some more and got down to taunt Bryan. Wyatt chokeslammed Bryan into the mat and continued whipping him.

Fiend posed in the corner and growled out at the crowd. He turned upside down in the corner and laughed some more. Bryan fought back with shots to the face. Fiend brought Bryan to one knee with a headbutt. He went for Sister Abigail but Bryan blocked. Bryan hit a big kick and the running knee for a two count. Fiend charged but Bryan sent him over the top rope to the floor. Bryan climbed to the top and leapt out, taking Fiend back down on the floor. He unloaded with strikes. Fiend countered with ease and sends Bryan into the steel ring steps.

Further, Bryan used the strap to pull Fiend into the ring post, and again. He pulled Fiend into the ring post two more times while fans were cheering him on. Bryan kept control on the floor until Fiend exploded at him with a clothesline. Fiend taunted the announcers and Cole told him to get the hell out of here. He whipped Bryan some more, then cleared off the German announce table. Fiend climbed on top of the table with Bryan but Bryan kicked him low twice while fans popped. Bryan got up and dropped Fiend on the announce table with a big DDT.

Fans started to rally as Bryan stood back on top of the table and doubles the strap up, beating on Wyatt with it. Fans counted along while Bryan was unloading on The Fiend with the leather. Wyatt rolled off the table to the floor. Fans chant for Bryan as he brought Fiend back into the ring. Bryan went to the second turnbuckle and hit a missile dropkick. He kip up and delivered Yes Kicks while Fiend was on his knees. Bryan whipped away with the strap. He dropped Fiend with a roundhouse kick. Fiend got right back up to his knees and told Bryan to bring some more.

Bryan dropped Fiend and grabbed him by the arms to deliver stomps. He stomped away to the face to keep The Fiend down. Bryan got a “Yes!” chant going. He charged but Fiend caught him out of nowhere with Sister Abigail for a two count. The Fiend hit and yelled at himself, then got back up to whip Bryan some more. Bryan got up and slapped Fiend. Fiend slapped him back, knocking him down into the corner. Bryan climbed to the top but Fiend applied the Mandible Claw. He resisted while still on the top.

Bryan had a submission applied while the Mandible was also applied. Fiend brought Bryan back into the ring and brought him to the mat with the Mandible. He turned that into the LeBell Lock, wrapping the strap around the face of The Fiend at the same time. So, fans popped for Bryan. Fiend easily fought out of the hold and mounted Bryan, unloading on him with right hands. He whipped Bryan with the leather again. Therefore, fans did dueling chants. Fiend went for Sister Abigail again but Bryan rolled him up for a two count.

Bryan ducked a clothesline and connected with the big knee. Fiend kicked out just in time and Bryan couldn’t believe it. Bryan started getting hyped up while the crowd was cheering him on. The Fiend jumped right up to his feet first. Bryan sensed this and turned around. They stared each other down. Bryan grabbed the strap and started beating on Fiend with it. It did nothing to The Fiend. Wyatt applied the Mandible and Bryan tried to fight out of it with strikes and slapped with the leather.

Fiend grabbed Bryan and chokeslammed him into the mat out of nowhere, holding him down for the pin to retain. After the match, The Fiend kept Bryan held down for a second. The referee brought the custom title into the ring and The Fiend stood tall with it, facing the crowd. The lights went out and when they came back on, The Fiend was nowhere to be seen.

The referee was checking on Bryan in the middle of the ring. Medics and other referees rushed down to the ring to check on Bryan while he’s down. Bryan got up but collapsed as officials tended to him, helping him out of the ring. He got help up the ramp while fans chanted “thank you Bryan!” and then “yes!” for him. Bryan collapsed but got back up and stumbles his way to the exit.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch def. Asuka

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors – Asuka came out with Kairi Sane. RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was out next to a pop. We got formal ring introductions from Rome. Back and forth to start the match while Sane was watching from ringside. They tangled and Lynch blocked a roll-up. Lynch ended up nailing a dropkick and Asuka went out to regroup with Sane. Asuka shut Becky down when she approached, going for the arm. Becky dodged a Hip Attack. She used the ropes to apply the Dis-Arm-Her but the referee warned her.

Lynch broke it and nailed a missile dropkick for a two count. More back and forth until Asuka used the ropes again and turnedd it around to take control. Asuka brought Becky back in and kicked her in the face a few times. Lynch got up and they traded strikes. Lynch sent Asuka into the corner but she came right back out with a dropkick for a two count. Asuka fought Lynch off against the ropes while Sane was watcheing. She landed a Shining Wizard for a two count. Asuka kept Lynch grounded again.

Sane looked worried as Lynch fought up and out of a hold. Asuka ran into a shot from the corner. Lynch blocked a Hip Attack with double knees to the back. She hit a bulldog and a low dropkick to the face for a two count. More back and forth between the two as they went to the apron. Asuka blocked a Bexploder suplex on the apron. She went for a German from the apron to the floor but Lynch hung on. Lynch sent Asuka to the floor face-first and she landed hard. Sane checked on Asuka and encouraged her to get up.

Lynch flew off the apron with a big dropkick. She hit a Bexploder into the barrier. Lynch brought it back into the ring and climbed to the top. She hit a big top rope leg drop but Asuka still kicked out at two. Asuka hit a backslide but Lynch came out of it. She mounted offense with more strikes. Lynch went for a Bexploder but Asuka countered. Asuka planted Lynch into the mat and covers for a two count. They went back to the apron and continued fighting. Asuka hit a big Hip Attack, sending Lynch into the ring post.

Lynch went down on the apron. She fought from the apron. Asuka rammed her into the top turnbuckle. Asuka got hung up on the top rope, and then kicked in the back of the head by Lynch. Lynch slammed Asuka into the mat from the top rope, covering for a two count. Lynch came off the top but Asuka caught her with double knees to the face for a two count. Asuka immeditely grabbed Lynch for the armbar. They tangled some and Asuka applied the Asuka Lock. Becky got free but Asuka yelled at her and nailed a big German suplex.

Asuka hit kicks to the side of the face. She rocked Lynch and knocked her back flat on the mat. The referee tried to check on Becky as Asuka advanced. He backed her off and fans booed. The referee looked to call the match but Becky grabbed his leg and begged him. Asuka attacked and dropped Becky again with a kick to the head for another close pin attempt. She smiled while going for another Asuka Lock. Lynch countered and went for the Dis-Arm-Her, settling for a submission into a two count.

They tangled some more and Becky took her down for a two count while Sane was watching. The referee counted while they’re both down. They both got up and unloaded with strikes. The referee barely got hit in the corner. Lynch drooped Asuka with a back kick as she went for the green mist, which just goes straight in the air due to the kick. She applied the Dis-Arm-Her and Asuka tapped for the finish. After the match, The Man celebrated and poses with the title. Sane checked on Asuka in the corner. The Man stared back while The Kabuki Warriors watched her celebration.

Drew McIntyre has sent heartfelt message to his wife following WWE Royal Rumble win

Drew McIntyre won the 30-Man Royal Rumble match after eliminating Roman Reigns. The Savage Scotsman’s road to WrestleMania has begun in style. McIntyre let everyone know that he meant business, when he eliminated Brock Lesnar from the free-for-all.  He threw The Big Dog over the top rope in the ending moments and punched his ticket to the main event of WrestleMania 36. McIntyre gave a backstage interview soon after and dedicated the victory to his wife.

“The first person that came to mind was my wife. You don’t really think about it, but when you’re on the road, fans know it, but we’re away from our families all the time. They endure as much as we endure on the road. We give so much of ourselves to the fans, and we give it willingly, this is our dream, and they’re the ones holding the fort at home. So this one’s for her.”


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