AJ Styles defeated United States Champion Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio

It wouldn’t have been long before AJ Styles ended up in the blend for the Universal Title once he moved to Raw. Yet the speed at which The Phenomenal One has moved into dispute for Team Red’s top title is great even by all accounts. Thanks to a Triple Threat triumph over Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio. Styles is presently one win far from his absolute first Universal Championship opportunity at WWE Money in the Bank.

Joe gave making a go Mysterio right off the bat and followed AJ. Mysterio returned with a counter before drawing in with Styles. The two figured out how to send Joe out of the ring, and the match went on as AJ overwhelmed Mysterio with a progression of moves paving the way to a backbreaker. AJ strove for a Styles Clash. However, Rey turned it around. Samoa Joe got back in and Superplexed the two adversaries off the top rope before getting a near fall on Styles. Mysterio set Joe up and hit the 619 yet Styles hit him with the Styles Clash over Joe and stuck the US champion for the three-tally.

Baron Corbin defeated The Miz and Drew McIntyre

The former General Manager of Red Brand, Golden Gloves champion, former Money in the Bank contract holder, former United States Champion crushed The Miz and Drew McIntyre to progress to Raw’s make or break event. Baron Corbin will confront AJ Styles with a Universal Title opportunity on hold. Corbin and McIntyre collaborated on The Miz before Corbin transformed on McIntyre and afterward sent the Miz into the blockades.

Alister fended the two rivals off once the battle returned in the ring and hit the ‘it’ kicks on them two. McIntyre was setting up for a top rope hammer on The Miz when Corbin came in and control shelled them two onto the tangle. Corbin hit the Deep Six on The Miz and got a near fall. Miz evaded outwardly, and Corbin cleared out on the steel steps. The Miz took a gigantic Claymore kick however before Drew could get the stick, Corbin drove him out of the ring and got the three-tally himself.

Raw & SmackDown Women’s Champion defeated Alicia Fox

Becky had Fox in a headlock as the match started and after that avoided a dropkick. Becky hit a baseball slide and sent Fox into the blockades before coming back to the ring. After a touch of forward and backward, Becky hit the Disarmher on Alicia who tapped out in a flash. Lacey Evans came in as the match finished and hit Becky with the ‘Lady’s Right.’ Becky was paralyzed and took a stab at getting up yet Evans hit another privilege and sent Becky down once more.

AJ Styles defeated Baron Corbin to Challenge Universal Champion Seth Rollins

AJ hit an early dropkick yet appeared somewhat rusty after the triple danger coordinate from prior. Corbin took out AJ with a big right hand before sending him into the timekeeper’s zone. AJ missed the lower arm and Corbin dropped him on the blockade as we broke for advertisements. Corbin had AJ in a hold as we returned and Styles seemed to be in a wrong position. Nobleman missed the chokeslam and Styles set up for the Styles Clash however fizzled.

Corbin kept running outside yet AJ hit the Pele kick while Corbin hit the Deep Six. Styles figured out how to kick out of it by one way or another as the match went on. Corbin hit a few clotheslines in the corner however AJ folded into the Calf-Crusher. Corbin was squirming excruciatingly yet broke the hold. Corbin was up, and AJ hit the Phenomenal Forearm for success. Seth Rollins turned out to praise AJ after the match as a show of regard from the champ.


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