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WWE NXT Results, Highlights & Reviews – July 3, 2019 Edition

Roderick Strong and Undisputed Era continued their quest for gold. Also, Adam Cole traveled the globe for his BAYBAY World Tour. Strong faced off against Tyler Breeze in the main event. However, the winner will surely earn a future shot at the North American title. Plus, NXT Universe saw the NXT Breakout Tournament continuation. Eight superstars hoped to make an impact. The tournament’s winner will get shot at any title of his choosing.

Angel Garza advanced to the second round last week. Meanwhile, tonight’s NXT concluded the next opponent. Furthermore, Io Shirai left her former ally Candice LeRae broken in the squared circle last week. The Genius of the Sky took out her frustrations on LeRae following a failed attempt in capturing the NXT Women’s Championship. Now, Mia Yim looks to be next in line for the title with Shirai out of the title picture. Moreover, Mia faced Aliyah before she could meet Shayna Baszler.

Mia Yim defeated Aliyah

Aliyah insulted Yim, calling her “ghetto,” which prompted the HBIC hurrying Aliyah. Yim dropped her with a shoulder handle, and almost frightened her out of the ring. A missed enziguri set Yim up for a dropkick, sending her rival into the corner. Vanessa Borne pulled her companion far from peril, compelling Yim to bite the dust in the base turnbuckle with a cannonball senton. Aliyah dominated, kicking her over the face and catching up with a neckbreaker.

Yim countered a clothesline with a boot, at that point caught Aliyah with the Tarantula. She broke the hold before the five counts and was met with an enziguri, returning the match to support Aliyah. Yim broke out of a backbreaker/back jawline lock, shaking Aliyah with a couple of kicks and interfacing with the cannonball. A midsection to-stomach sent her to the outside. As Borne attempted to get Aliyah back, they were taken out by a suicide jump. Again in the squared circle, a fallaway pummel set up the Protect Ya Neck, giving her the triumph.

Kushida defeated Jeff Parker

Kushida rapidly brought Parker down to the tangle following a single leg takedown, progressing into a wrestling hold. Parker endeavored to take off. However, Kushida would not break the hold, tailing him with each turn. Parker broke out of a jawline lock just to get hit with a handspring back elbow.

Kushida then worked over his arms with a double arm breaker. Parker hurried to the ropes to maintain a strategic distance from the Hoverboard Lock. A storm cellar dropkick took him to the ground, and a breeze up punch left him about the unconscious. The Hoverboard Lock was at long last sinched in, compelling the quick tap out choice.

Cameron Grimes defeated Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Grimes took Scott to the ground with a back midriff lock. Scott split away, countering with a side headlock. Grimes turned it around with a wrist lock, where the two men exchanged control. He attempted to shoot Scott off into the ropes. However, he held the hold, bringing Grimes down to the tangle. Scott propelled Grimes into the ropes, but the overwhelming striker had the option to associate with an elbow to the back.

He pushed Grimes away, associating with a move up, hurled Grimes with head scissors and a dropkick to the jaw. A right hand shook Grimes and hit with a jumping elbow drop from the top rope. Grimes split far from another accommodation hold, getting Scott in the ropes with an arm breaker. Further, he carried Scott into the corner, where he worked over the arm with a situated wristlock. Scott split away, just to be sent into the ropes, bouncing back into a fierce rope.

Following a couple of minutes, Scott had the option to split away, and when Grimes moved up top, Scott grabbed him with a jumping hurricanrana. A progression of clotheslines staggered Grimes, but he had the option to hurl Scott to the outside. However, Scott landed hand first on the cover and jumped onto his feet outwardly. Grimes surged out, but Scott jumped back inside and got him back on the cover with a handstand body sprinkle. A moving flatliner gave Scott a two-check. Another Strong right hand shook Grimes.

However, he kept away from a springboard move, getting Scott with a sit-out powerbomb.  Scott broke out of the stick and dazed his rival with a progression of kicks. Following Grimes outside, Scott associated with the Fosbury Flop. He moved Grimes inside, where the two exchanged more kicks. Grimes figured out how to stun Scott, transforming a running crossbody into a powerslam. The running twofold step spelled the end for “Swerve.”

Roderick Strong defeated Tyler Breeze

Strong carried Breeze to the tangle with a takedown early. Prince immediately got away from his grip, securing a wrist lock. Strong got back on top and hauled Breeze into the squared circle, attempting the Stronghold.  Breeze shook him off, but Strong applied hammerlock. Progressing to the side headlock, Strong tried to wear his rival out ahead of schedule. Breeze got away again and searched for the Unprettier. Strong figured out how to stay away from it.

However, he met a moving neckbreaker. Prince Pretty took him to the corner where Breeze pelted him with a progression of kicks. The referee pulled him off, constraining him to shout, “Don’t contact me!” Strong accepted this open the door to get him with a boot, but Breeze recovered self-restraint with a dropkick. Outwardly, he pummeled Strong face-first into the cover. He crept over the stairs, falling over simultaneously. The Messiah of the Backbreaker dropped him spine first on the means, at that point over the blockade. Back inside, a fantastic dropkick got Breeze on the jaw.

Strong couldn’t get the pinfall but kept on influencing Breeze’s back with the Romero Special. A mythical serpent sleeper adjustment halted with an elbow strike. The breeze stayed away from an assault in the corner, allowing him to recuperate. Strong hurried Breeze in the ropes and propelled to the outside. He was struck by an enziguri, again putting him outside of the ring — breeze dove over him with a jumping elbow strike. In the corner, Prince Pretty hit Strong with a moving single arm double-crosser.

He broke the pinfall at two. Breeze wound up on the top rope, where Strong got him with a kick over the face. He battled back as Strong climbed the ropes. However, Breeze carried him down to the tangle with a Superplex. Breeze kicked out. Strong searched for the Stronghold once more, but two boots to the chest sent Strong colliding with the knot. An enziguri in the corner shocked Strong, who found Breeze jumping over the ropes.

Breeze got away from another backbreaker and associated with the Supermodel Kick. Strong kicked out. The two men made it back to their feet and occupied with a striking war. Breeze dropped Strong with another enziguri. Meanwhile, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly surged the squared circle. Breeze associated with a Supermodel Kick to Fish, enabling Strong to drop Breeze with the End of Heartache.

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