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WWE NXT Results & Highlights – June 26, 2019, Full Sail Live

Following quite a while of Shayna Baszler utilizing Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke to hold the NXT Women’s Championship, her long-term rival Io Shirai, at last, would get a reasonable deal at the boss gratitude to a steel confine. With the remainder of the horsewomen unfit to get inside the structure, Shirai at long last had an excellent one-on-one match with the Queen of Spades.

The NXT Breakout Tournament commenced on today around evening time’s scene of NXT, with Joaquin Wilde, some time ago DJZ, taking on Angel Garza. A week ago NXT uncovered that eight best in class NXT Superstars would get an opportunity at a title based on their personal preference should they make it as far as possible of the competition.

Angel Garza defeated Joaquin Wilde via pinfall

Wilde and Garza bolted up, with Garza rapidly driving his adversary into the ropes. Wilde figured out how to secure a headlock, and after an endeavored counter, hurled Garza onto his back with a postponed snap mare. Garza and Wilde grabbed the pace here, leaving Garza on his knees while Wilde sprang to his feet. A shameful move shook Wilde. However, he battled out of the corner with a springboard arm drag and a tilt-a-spin crossbody sprinkle. Garza kicked out at two.

Wilde propelled into a tilt-a-spin headscissors endeavor, yet Garza transformed it into a facebuster, at that point popped Wilde up into a boot to the jaw. Garza then stripped his jeans, uncovering all red tights. Hurled into the corner, Wilde endured a progression of kicks. A bundle powerbomb turned facebuster almost gave Garza the success.

Wilde battled out just to be dropped with a bow kick, where he secured in the straight coat. Wilde turned around, ensuring his very own rendition of the hold. However, Garza pelted him in the vault with three kicks. Wilde carried him down with a crossbody and dazed him with a spring up double foot strike. Moving him up, he just figured out how to get a two-tally.

Garza moved outside and endeavored to leave a suicide jump endeavor. Wilde got himself and bird through the turnbuckle, sending Garza colliding with the incline. Back inside, Garza pursued Wilde to the top rope. After the two battled for control, Garza sent Wilde spiraling to the tangle with a top rope Spanish Fly. Paralyzed that he kicked out, Garza almost conquered by a cross stick. Kicking out, he about thumped out Wilde with a postponed dropkick to the head, completing him with the Butterfly Stunner.

The Street Profits defeated the Forgotten Sons via DQ

Montez Ford was wrangled up by Steve Cutler, who propelled him into the side of the Sons. They beat Ford down, pounding him with horrible punches and kicks before Blake drove Cutler onto Ford using hip hurl. Blake labeled in, where the Sons dropped Ford with a twofold torment rack neckbreaker.

Cutler labeled back in for another run. However, Ford got away and tagged in Dawkins, who leveled the two men with enormous punches and a couple of exploder suplexes. In opposite corners, Dawkins arrived on the two men with corkscrew body sprinkles.

Portage labeled back in where he dropped onto Cutler with a high elevation Frog Splash. As he went for the stick, Jaxson Ryker hauled him out and spread him out with a double hatchet handle.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch made the spare, separating the three-on-two beatdown from the Sons. They were then observed holding the NXT Tag Titles. After a minute, they gave the titles back, yet said that the Profits owed them one.

Shayna Baszler retained her NXT Women’s Championship

Shirai surged Baszler, yet the champ maintained a strategic distance from the assault, countering with kicks to her legs and a punching mix. Shirai battled out of an accommodation hold, but rapidly carried to the ground with a headlock. Baszler convoluted, mounting Shirai’s back and searching for the Kirifuda Clutch.

Shirai got away, to have her leg picked by Baszler, who extended the Genius of the Sky before stepping her face into the tangle. Shirai stumbled her before she could make it to the entryway, sending Baszler to the knot with a dropkick a short time later. A palm strike left Baszler dazed on her back. However, she rapidly made it to her feet when her challenger attempted to get away from the confine.

Baszler propelled Shirai face first into the steel, at that point hurled her into it a subsequent time, this time chipping away at the lower back. Shirai attempted to break out of a side headlock, just to be crashed into the confine once again, cutting her off totally. Shirai figured out how to move her up. However, Baszler kicked out, hammering her face first into the steel confine once more.

Set up between the enclosure and the ropes, Baszler conveyed a progression of punches to her midriff. She thought about exiting the entryway, yet chose to keep rebuffing Shirai. The challenger tied up in a new hold, however, captured herself on the ropes before evading an assault from Baszler, sending the boss into the steel. A couple of dropkicks got Baszler, sending her into the steel two additional occasions.

A running knee sent her face first into the pen, and a German suplex nearly observed Baszler lose her title. The Queen of Spades broke out, however. A second German suplex set her up in the corner, where she met with a double running knee strike. Shirai made it to the highest point of the confine, yet Baszler figured out how to climb quicker and bring her back inside, locking tin the Kirifuda Clutch all the while.

Baszler hurled Shirai down to the tangle, accepting she’d been gagged out. Shirai then jumped to her feet to carry Baszler down on her neck with a too German suplex. Baszler figured out how to kick out, mostly because of the measure of time Shirai took to recoup from the arrival. As Shirai made it to the entryway, Shafir and Duke hurried to the ring, hindering her break.

Shirai got away from another Kirifuda Clutch endeavor, interfacing with a twofold footstep. Shafir bolted the enclosure entryway after the outside official cleared out, and endeavored to anticipate Shirai from getting away absurd. Candice LeRae hurried to the ring, sparing Shirai and thumping Shafir to the ground. Jessamyn Duke immediately opened the entryway and attempted to haul Baszler out.

LeRae dove onto Shafir, but met with a running knee from the victor. As she convoluted, a mind-boggling moonsault from the highest point of the enclosure took Baszler out. Following this, Shirai attempted to slither towards the open entryway. Baszler pulled her away and went for a similar methodology. Shirai then hauled her back and propelled Baszler in reverse. As she was mostly out the entryway, Baszler secured a Kirifuda Clutch through the ropes.

Shirai split it up the first run through, and the subsequent endeavor  demolished gratitude to her smashing the confine entryway into Baszler’s head. This demonstrated to be her demise, be that as it may, as this prompted Baszler falling through the ropes, arrival outwardly and winning her title.

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