NXT Superstars battled with RAW and SmackDown Superstars for the first time ever at Survivor Series. They emerged as the winners of the show, in their very first appearance at the pay-per-view.

However, Triple H is happy with how NXT has branched out into its own brand alongside RAW and SmackDown. In a recent interview with The Hindu, WWE Hall of Famer revealed future plans for the black & gold brand.

“I love that NXT has branched into its own unpredictable and epic universe, and many of the wrestlers there are superstars in their own right. NXT can stand its own against Raw and Smackdown (the other two flagship shows of the WWE), as was evident in the recent Survivor Series event.

“The plan is to promote NXT talent more and more in our coming spectacles and pay-per-view events.”

Moreover, WWE EVP once again acknowledged that India is an important market for the company. The Game spoke about his experience of working in India back in 2017, where he wrestled and defeated Jinder Mahal in Delhi.

“India is a key place in our expansion, which comes with its own set of challenges and hurdles, logistically. However, we are excited to establish a base there. We might even set up a pool of localised WWE talent to take things forward. Our long-term plan is to have global events regularly. We are already in the UK, India is definitely on that list!”


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