Mike Kanellis discussed the status of his WWE contract in the latest edition of The Smarks & Stripes podcast. The Miracle revealed why he asked for his release, despite the company supported him in his battle with addiction.

“For me, it was all personal. It had nothing to do with the company. Since the minute I got to WWE, they’ve treated me great; they’ve treated my wife great; they’ve treated my daughter great. They’ve treated me great. When I came out and said that I had an addiction, there was no negativity from anybody – it was just constant support.”

Mike explained,

“I just wanted to wrestle. I just want to work. Like, I feel like I could do and have my best matches right now and it’s extremely difficult when there [are] so many people on the roster and you just don’t get that opportunity.”

Opinion on the current main roster

Further, he pointed out how the current WWE roster filled with the best of talents from all over the world. Everyone doesn’t get their desired screen time for that reason.

“I’m not mad at anybody and if WWE called me tomorrow and said, ‘we’re going to put you on TV,’ I’d do it. I’m not mad. I just want to work, and I just want to work a lot. I want to be able to go home and tell my daughter that ‘daddy put in the time, daddy put in the effort,’ and it’s incredibly difficult for me to go on social media and preach that you have to work hard,’ ‘you have to work your ass off,’ and then not do it myself.”

Mike revealed how the stacked main roster makes it difficult for many Superstars to achieve their desired goals in WWE.

“So I mean, and I’m not saying I’m not and I’m not saying I wouldn’t be a good fit, but what I am saying is if those guys are getting the opportunity and they are doing their job, and they’re successful at it, then they’re not necessarily going to look for next man up because there’s no need.”

Former 24/7 Champion accepted that he never got the opportunity to shine in WWE. Plus, the case is similar to many other talents on the main roster.

“You hope that it’s next many up – you don’t hope that someone goes down – but you hope that you’re ready if someone goes down. But [pro] wrestling right now is just loaded with talent. Like, everyone is just friggin’ good right now, and I just think that’s why I think my opportunity hasn’t existed.”

The Promotion not granting the release

The Miracle asked for his release from the promotion last month, but to date, WWE is yet to grant it.

“As far as not giving me my release, I think it’s like anywhere. The [New England] Patriots aren’t going to release someone they think the [New York] Jets are going to pick up. And I think we have to think of it like that. It’s not negative – that’s just how it works! It works in sports, and it works in wrestling.”


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