While speaking to Corey Graves in the After The Bell podcast, Kevin Owens revealed;

“Roman for a long time had the same kind of vibe going. So, I’ve always strived for that kind of reaction. Of course, if a reaction is overwhelmingly positive, that’s great. Or if you get a lot of heat, that’s great too. But I think being in the middle isn’t a bad thing. I actually think it’s really great. Very few people will get to the point where they’re as admired as they are despised.”

However, former Universal Champion reiterated that “polarizing” is what he’s seeking the most.

“Polarizing – that is what I strive for. It is a very special thing to be in our industry, I think. The people that can claim to be legitimately polarizing are made for life because nobody will ever not care one way or another, and that’s great.”

WWE not allowing him to use the Stunner at first

KO disclosed why WWE didn’t initially allow using the finisher despite getting the approval from Steve Austin himself.

“And then I tried to go through other channels and was shut down. So, I wasn’t able to start using it at that point, even though I snuck it in one of my matches with Roman, which ended up leading to a funny exchange between me. And Steve on his podcast later on where he tried how to use the stunner properly because I couldn’t beat Roman with it that night.

“Anyway, I’ve had Steve’s blessing to use it for a long time, and I was just waiting for the right time. This year felt like that was it, so that’s what I’ve been going with. Some people love it; some people really hate it. But again, I’m fine with that. I love doing it.”

Steve Austin’s reaction to using the signature finisher

Moreover, The Prizefighter discussed The Texas Rattlesnake’s reaction to his request to use the Stone Cold Stunner.

“The stunner, in my head, was something that could be a great way for me to try to get. So, I went to Steve, and I asked him if I could use it, and he was very happy that I asked him.

“You know, me giving him the respect of it but more than anything. He was happy that someone asked him because he’s like, ‘You want to use it as a finisher?’ I’m like, ‘Yes.’ He’s like, ‘God; it’s about time; I can’t believe nobody’s tried this yet. I can’t believe no one had come and asked about using the stunner as a finisher. It’s a great finish, like, why not?’ He then went on and said some people use it, and it means nothing.” 


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