On the latest edition of Grilling JR, Jim Ross recently opened up on his relationship with Vince McMahon.  WWE Hall of Famer recalled that WWE Chairman considers ‘sleep’ as his enemy. When fans talk about some of the biggest workaholics in the wrestling business, The Boss’ name always appears atop on the list.

However, Superstars from past & present praise Mr. McMahon for his incredible work ethic and his dedication to the business. In addition, some have pointed out the fact that The Chairman doesn’t sleep much. So, AEW announcer talked about the same and revealed that Vince considers sleep to be his enemy. While speaking on Grilling JR postcard, Jim Ross explained:

“He told me one time that sleep is our enemy. In fact, he told me that more than one time, that sleep is our enemy. I think he believes that he can get away with 3-6 hours of sleep every day and his body – he’s lean, trains a lot, eats well, so I just think that he has convinced himself that he doesn’t require the sleep that most people do. And as long as psychologically he believes that then it’s going to work for him.”


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