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WWE News: Former WWE Champion CM Punk Cut in-ring Promo for Starrcast

It has been over five years since CM Punk left the company. Punk left WWE immediately after his appearance in the Royal Rumble Match, which Batista ultimately won. He has not seen on WWE television ever since. However, fans and wrestling personalities speculate for the previous five years on whether Punk will ever return to wrestle a match.

But the probability of this happening gets slim as time passes. Currently, we saw punk in the commentary box during CFFC’s recent event, where he got into an altercation with a fan. Earlier, he made his return to the ring in an indie event, but Punk was wearing a mask at the time.

Recently, CM Punk cut a promo in a wrestling ring for Starrcast a few days before his appearance at the event. Former WWE superstar all set to appear at Starrcast III this Saturday.

“Should I be Phil or CM Punk? I have no idea what I’m gonna say,” Punk said of the gig. “There’s no script. I’m not following a storyline. I’m coming to hang out with some fans, and yes, I’ll have a live microphone in my hand, so who knows what’s going to happen? And that’s the thing, every time I have a live microphone in my hand. They never know exactly what I’m going to say, and that’s got me in a lot of trouble. I’m hoping to avoid any trouble come Saturday, but you never can tell.”

He put an end to the video knocking other wrestlers who have canceled their previous Starrcast bookings.

“I’m sorry to inform you all that I have to cancel my upcoming appearance at Starrcast,” Punk laughed. “That’s what everybody does. Everybody cancels. Well I’m not f–king canceling because I don’t cancel, because I do what I want. Nobody can tell me where to go, who to work for, who to sign autographs for, whether I have to smile to take pictures or not. I will smile because I am going to be happy to see you. But I’m not going to cancel unlike everybody else who’s ever done Starrcast. I will be there, and I’ll see you Saturday.”