Recently, Dana Brooke and Batista’s Twitter exchange has been the talk of the town. It started when WWE Veteran announced publicly that he is single. The two have been flirting with each other on Twitter for a while now. Dana proceeded to post a screenshot of their video chat on Twitter. Later, she jokingly threatened fellow WWE Superstar Drake Maverick by mentioning Batista when The Rockstar tried to flirt with her.

Now, Brooke posted a short clip on her official Instagram handle. The Instagram video shows Dana using a Batista Bomb on Lacey Evans during a match. The Animal didn’t wait long to respond to Brooke’s post, and advised her to “start walking alone”. Brooke tagged former World Champion in the post and asked him whether he minds if she uses the finisher. She then referred to the Batista Bomb as “Brooke Bomb”.

Batista replied to the post. The Lady of WWE also responded to the post. Evans wasn’t too thrilled with being on the receiving end of the finisher. Check out the responses below.


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