Seth Rollins will face The Fiend a Universal Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match at WWE Crown Jewel. With moving toward his horrifying foe, The BeastSlayer will get to try his hand at the ruthless stipulation against Erick Rowan. So, Rollins will go on a one-on-one with one of Raw’s newest monsters. Plus, Falls Count Anywhere will potentially give the Universal Champion a chance to work out the kinks. Rowan was a disciple of Wyatt’s in what feels like another lifetime.

Team Hogan will battle Team Flair in a 5-on-5 match at WWE Crown Jewel. A war of words between WWE Hall of Famers during Miz TV set up a Six-Man Tag Team Match. Team Hogan’s Roman Reigns, Ali & Shorty G defeated Cesaro and Team Flair’s King Corbin, Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. With only three days before showdown between their teams, The Hulkster and The Nature Boy will appear on RAW.

Following Friday Night SmackDown, RAW Women’s Champion vs. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion announced WWE Backstage. So, Becky Lynch will take on Kairi Sane in a matchup of champions this Monday Night. Will The Man continue her dominance over the Red Brand Women’s division? Or, will The Pirate Princess step up under the bright lights?

While Rusev was having a conversation with Jerry Lawler, Lana and Bobby Lashley’s date interrupted The Bulgarian Brute. However, this led to Rusev attacking Lashley in the very same restaurant.  The Cleveland Police Department ultimately took Rusev into custody but released him as Lana & Lashley didn’t press charges. Now, he is set to appear again on “The King’s Court” with his estranged wife joining him. The Bulgarian Brute and The All Mighty will represent Team Hogan and Team Flair at WWE Crown Jewel.

The Savage Scotsman made good on his promisse to make things “uncomfortable” last week.  He defeated Ricochet after Ric Flair unveiled him as the final member of his team for WWE Crown Jewel. Now, WWE’s Resident Superhero gets a chance to avenge last week’s loss. Meanwhile, McIntyre once again looks to enforce his will on one of the greatest high-flyers in the recent memory. Who will seize the advantage for their team just three days before Thursday’s 5-on-5 showdown?


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