Ali came out first for this non-title match. Sami Zayn was out next to the stage. The Critic of Critics took the mic and demanded fans show some respect for the WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. The music hit and The King of Strong Styles came out. The bell rang, and Nakamura was first to strike, taking Ali to the corner. Nakamura charged but Ali dodged him. Ali hit a big kick to send Nakamura out of the ring. He ran the ropes and nailed a big dive, sending Nakamura into the announce table. Ali brought it back into the ring and flew with a crossbody for a pin attempt.

Nakamura ended up turning it around and launching Ali face-first into the ring post. Ali landed hard on the floor. Zayn came over to get in Ali’s face, taunting him. Ali looked to make a comeback. Nakamura dropped Ali with a big kick. He hit another kick and a sliding snap German suplex. Nakamura hit the corner and waited for a Kinshasa, but Ali stopped him with a superkick. Ali crawled and covered for a close pin attempt. He climbed to the top, but Nakamura cut him off and delivered a high knee to the gut.

Ali countered the reverse Exploder suplex and rolled him up for a two count. Further, he came off the second turnbuckle and caught Nakamura with a big DDT. Fans pop while Ali climbed to the top. Zayn pulled Nakamura to safety before Ali can fly. So, the crowd booed The Critic of Critics. Ali ran the ropes and flew out, taking Nakamura down on the outside while Zayn watches. He chased Zayn into the ring, but Nakamura was waiting with a Kinshasa and covered for the pin. After the match, the music hit as Nakamura stood tall with his sidekick.


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