WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently did a Q&A session with Inside The Ropes. He opened up on the main event of WrestleMania 17, featuring The Brahma Bull and Stone Cold for the WWE title. The 17th edition of The Show of Shows is widely regarded as the greatest PPV of all time. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman took on announcing duties for the historic event that was full of memorable encounters.

The current AEW announcer believed at the time that the show would be his last hurrah as a commentator. He has battled with Bell’s palsy for the better part of his career, and the condition deemed him unable to smile. Ross revealed that Vince McMahon received a special demand from The Rock and Steve Austin. Both competitors approached The Boss and that they wanted him to call their WWE title bout. Ross still gets emotional while talking about that instance, and how the two in-ring legends respected his work.

“I thought at the time that would probably be my last show. My facial paralysis was not improving and the world of WWE is a very looks type business and the fact that this paralysis made me not smile is disconcerting to some. So I thought ‘This is probably my last hurrah but luckily it wasn’t. That’s because The Rock and [Steve] Austin went to Vince McMahon and said ‘We want JR to call our match, he’s our guy.’ I still get emotional talking about that. They respected my work I guess after all those years, they knew that I respected them. I was a fan and always will be a fan.”


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