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WWE Champion Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton concluded in a Double Count-out

Kingston & Orton and met in the middle of the squared circle. Orton offered a pancake, but Kingston slapped it away and talked more trash. So, they shoved each other and went at it. Orton took it to the corner, but the referee got in between them. The Viper tossed the pancake at Kingston while fans did dueling chants. They looked back up and went to the corner. Orton hit a headbutt and an uppercut, and another. Kingston ended up dropping Orton out of the corner.

The Deadlocked Dynamo kept control and fan clapped for him. He came off the top with a big right hand. Kingston yelled at Orton to get his ass up. He unloaded in the corner while the referee warned him. Orton hit a thumb to the eye to stop it. Kingston climbed to the top, but Orton knocked him out of the air, to the floor. Orton kept control and slammed Kingston on top of the announce table.

The referee counted while Orton stood over Kingston. Orton brought it back into the ring for a two count. He brought it back into the ring while Kingston’s family looks on from ringside. Orton sent Kingston back to the floor. Kingston dodged a shot into the steel steps and came right back to drop Orton in front of the announce tables. Orton ended up turning it back around on the outside and slamming Kingston on top of the announce table.

He hit an uppercut against the announce table, and another. Orton brought it back into the ring for a two count. He took Kingston into the corner and took him to the top. Orton hit right hands in the corner. He climbed up for a superplex, but Kingston resisted. Orton hit another headbutt. He tried for the superplex again, but Kingston held on. Kingston pounded on Orton and knocked him to the mat. He jumped and hit a big tornado DDT. Kingston was slow to cover Ortan who kicked out at two.

Orton got up, but Kinston chopped him back down. Kingston waited and dropped Orton with another big chop while he got up. He hit the ropes and dropped Orton with a big clothesline. Kingston got hyped up and nailed the Boom Drop and played to the crowd. He went for Trouble In Paradise, but Orton countered with a backbreaker. Orton covered for a two count. He mocked Kofi to the crowd. Orton went for the draping DDT from the second rope, but Kinston sends Orton out of the ring to the floor.

Kingston climbed to the top and leaped out to the floor, taking Orton out with a big backsplash. He brought Orton back into the squared circle. Kingston climbed to the top and hit a massive Frogsplash for a two count. Orton pushed Kingston into the corner but ran into a boot to the face. He came right back and hit the draping DDT. Orton stood tall and looked out at the crowd before dropping to the mat to stalk Kingston. He waited for Kingston to get up.

Kingston blocked the RKO and backslid Orton for two. He went for Trouble In Paradise. Kingston climbed to the top and flew at Orton, but Orton caught him in mid-air with a massive RKO. Orton smiled but waited too long to go for the pin while Kingston rolled out to the floor. He grabbed Kingston right in front of his family while his kids looked on. Orton stared at the kids. Kingston saw this and snapped and unloaded on Orton while the referee called for the bell.

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