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WWE Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Randy Orton to retain his title

Randy Orton came out to a pop. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston was out next. The bell rang, and we got formal introductions from Greg Hamilton. The match started, and they locked up. Orton took it to the corner. The referee made them break. Fans did dueling chants before they lock up again. Orton dropped Kingston with a shoulder. They sized each other up again and then went to lock up. Orton went behind while fans tried to rally for Kingston. Kingston countered, and Orton rocked him with a back elbow.

Orton delivered a headlock and a takedown now. Kingston fought up, but Orton ran over him with another shoulder and then posed. They ran the ropes again, and Kingston hit a back elbow. Kingston hit a big forearm smash into the corner and another. Orton rolled to the floor for a breather. He looked on from the top of the ramp, holding the top of his eye. Kingston mocked Orton. Finally, Orton made it back into the ring. Kingston hit another strike into the corner. Orton hit a big strike out of the corner.

They tangled some more and Orton connected a thumb to the eye. Orton took Kingston from corner to corner with more offense. He blasted Kingston off the apron into the barrier. Orton slammed Kingston head-first into a few of the announce tables. He slammed Kingston on top of the barrier and then back-first onto the German announce table while the referee counted. Orton slammed Kingston back-first on an announce table once again. He then brought him back in for a two count.

Kingston got sent into the corner, but he came off the second rope with a dropkick. Orton stalled some with the referee and then sent Kingston shoulder-first into the ring post. He went to the floor, but Kingston blocked a shot into the steel steps. They tangled and traded shots with Orton slamming Kingston face-first into the steps while the referee counted. Orton brought it back in for a close pin attempt. Kingston blocked a shot and came out of the corner with a big clothesline. He got sent to the apron.

Kingston springboarded in and flew at Orton with a big right hand. He hit big chops to the chest to drop Orton. Kingston hit big chops, a dropkick and more offense. He delivered a Boom Drop while fans rallied for him again. Orton blocked Trouble In Paradise and dropped Kingston into a backbreaker for a two count. He took Kingston to the apron for a draping DDT but Kingston back-dropped Orton to the floor. Kingston ran the ropes and leaped out, sending Orton into the side of an announce desk. He brought Orton back into the ring and went to the top.

Kingston hit a big crossbody, but Orton rolled through for a close pin attempt. Orton blocked SOS and dropped Kingston with a dropkick for a two count. They traded shots, and Orton missed a clothesline and Kingston dropped him with SOS for another pin attempt. Kingston climbed back to the top but Orton crotched him. Orton took Kingston to the top for a superplex, but Kingston resists. He had to fight from the mat, rocking Kingston while he sat on the top. Orton climbed back up for the superplex, but Kingston slid out and dropped Orton’s face into the turnbuckle.

He caught Kingston with a big powerslam, but Kingston still kicked out. Orton went for the second rope draping DDT and nailed it this time. He stood tall over Kingston and took his time. Orton dropped down and pounded on the mat while he waited for Kingston. Kingston blocked the RKO and rolled Orton up for a two count. Orton ran into a kick to the face but turned around and nailed a RKO. He covered, but Kingston got his foot on the bottom rope.

However, some fans booed, and Orton couldn’t believe it. Orton dragged Kingston to the corner and talked some trash. He backed up for the punt kick, but Kingston moved out of the way. Kingston ducked a clothesline and hit Trouble In Paradise. He covered for the pin to retain. After the match, Kingston took the title and started celebrating while The New Day’s music hit.

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