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WWE Champion Kofi Kingston brought the fight to Randy Orton & The Revival

Randy Orton came out to kick off the show.  We saw the King of the Ring throne, robe, crown and sceptre on the stage. The Viper hit the ring while the announcers hype up tonight’s show. Also, we saw what Orton and The Revival did to The New Day last night on RAW. Tom said WWE Champion Kofi Kingston is not here tonight because he’s recovering from RAW.

Finally, Orton took the mic and said, unlike Kofi, he is not a liar, and he speaks the truth. He told Kofi ran from a fight, in front of his family, at SummerSlam. Why? Because Kofi is stupid. So, the fans booed, and Orton told them to shut up. Orton said he gave Kingston the chance to prove himself last week. But he failed, and for his troubles, he received two RKOs. Why? Because Kofi is stupid.

Moreover, Orton told that with help from The Revival, they decimated The New Day again last night on RAW. Plus, the best part was holding Kingston down to make him watch as they shattered the leg of Xavier Woods. Why? Because Kofi is stupid. He said Kingston failed every time he gives him a chance to prove himself. Orton claimed this showed the power of positivity could be crushed with the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment – RKO.

Meanwhile, The New Day’s music hit and Orton waited for a fight, but no one came out. Orton turned around to a Trouble In Paradise from Kinston. The Dreadlocked Dynamo got hyped up while fans chanted his name. He said we’re going to find out the stupid one tonight. Kingston brought a steel chair back into the ring and wrapped it around Orton’s leg. He slapped Orton around and talked more trash, saying he’s doing this for Woods. Kingston climbed to the top to jump on the chair, but Dash Wilder came.

However, he came down from the top and kicked Dash at the ropes and sent him to the floor. Scott Dawson ran in, but Kinston dropped him. Dash ran back in but took steel chair shots. Kingston sent Dash back out and hit Dawson with chair shots over the back. Dawson rolled to the floor while fans cheered the title-holder on. The Dreadlocked Dynamo stood tall with the chair, while fans were chanting his name.

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