WWE Champion Drew McIntyre made his way out for tonight’s non-title main event. King Corbin was out next, representing SmackDown in this brand to brand invitational match.

The bell was about to ring but the music interrupted and Bobby Lashley came out with MVP to the stage. MVP said he and Lashley have taken a personal interest in this match. He praised Corbin and McIntyre, then handed the mic to Lashley. Lashley put Drew on notice and said he’s coming for Drew and the WWE Title, and if he needs to pry it from his cold dead hands, that’s exactly what he will do. MVP told them to make it good because they will be watching. Drew locked up with Corbin. MVP and Lashley watched from the stage.

Drew took it to the corner and backed off while the referee warned him. They shoved each other, and then locked up again. Corbin drove a knee into the gut. Drew ended up ducking a clothesline and nailing a chop. Corbin turned it back around and unloaded with body strikes in the corner. He hit the ropes and dropped Drew with a shoulder. Corbin talked some trash as they ran the ropes. Drew dropped Corbin with a shoulder. He kept fighting and knocked Corbin to the floor.

Drew followed and clotheslined Corbin over the barrier. The referee counted while MVP applauded Drew. Drew clotheslined Corbin back over the barrier to the ringside area. He rocked Corbin again and rolled him back in the ring. Drew went for a Claymore kick but Corbin rolled to the floor. Corbin turned it around and knocked Drew from the apron to the barrier with a shoulder. Drew was down on the floor. Corbin followed and launched Drew face-first into the ring post while MVP taunted from the stage.

Drew came back in but Corbin worked him over some more. Corbin took it to the corner and continued to manhandle Drew. Drew fought back with big chops. Corbin charged, ran out and ran right back in with a big clothesline for a one count. Drew fought back with chops. Corbin was still fighting. Drew got send to apron, then hung up on the top rope. The referee warned Corbin while he was rocking Drew on the apron again. Corbin had Drew up top. Drew fought back. Corbin climbed up for a superplex and he nailed it. He rolled over for the count but Drew kicked out at one.

Drew got upset and started making a comeback. He climbed to the top and came flying down with an axe handle. Drew kipped up and yelled at Corbin while he’s down. He put Corbin on his shoulders but he slide down. Drew caught Corbin with a big Spinebuster for another close two count. He talked trash to Corbin while he’s down, telling him to get his ass up and prove himself. Corbin blocked the Futureshock DDT and rammed Drew into the corners. He hit a big sideslam but Drew still kicked out at one. Corbin couldn’t believe it.

They traded big strikes while MVP and Lashley looked on from the stage. Drew caught Corbin and dropped him with the DDT. He waited in the corner as Corbin slowly recovered. Corbin side-stepped the Claymore and dropped Drew with Deep Six. Drew kicked out just in time. Corbin barked back at MVP’s distraction. Drew ducked End of Days and nailed a Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Corbin ran out and right back in but Drew caught him with a big Claymore kick and 1-2-3.

Result: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre def. King Corbin

Post-match, Drew looked on and raised the WWE Title as the music hit. Drew looked up at MVP and Lashley, ranting about how he wants to fight Lashley and how the WWE Universe has been waiting for him to step up. MVP and Lashley looked back at the ring while Drew raised the WWE Title in the air.


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