WWE Champion Brock Lesnar was standing in the ring with Paul Heyman for the final RAW segment before WrestleMania 36. Heyman began his promo and discussed how he hates pulling back the curtain as he loves the magic of the business, how they entertain the fans. He said this is the final RAW segment before the WrestleMania 36 that is too big for one night.

Heyman said they call this the go-home segment to the go-home RAW before WrestleMania and for the last 20 years, more often than not, it’s your champion Lesnar that has stood here in this go-home segment. Why is that? Because year in and year out Brock is the beast to slay, the conqueror to conquer, the one to beat on the biggest show of the year.

Heyman also said this year Drew McIntyre has truly stepped up. Heyman complimented Drew and showed respect. He said Drew is that special, compared to the guy on the street he’s that special, compared to the dumbass in the gym who says he can do that WWE stuff he’s that special, compared to the special roster in the locker room he’s that special.

You know who else is special? The Rock, who got laid out and beat by Brock. WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, who had his blood wiped across Lesnar’s chest like some medieval war lord conquering the past. Randy Couture, Shane Carwin, John Cena, The Undertaker – they were all special, legends, icons. Heyman said but when they got in the ring with Lesnar, they were not so god damn special, they were just Brock’s b***h.

Lesnar continued to stare straight ahead while Heyman was hyping him up. Heyman downplayed the Claymore Kick because all the other icons had big moves as well, but none worked against Lesnar on the day where it mattered after the bell rang. Now that Lesnar knows the Claymore is coming – either he will master a strategy that will deny the Claymore, or he will eat the Claymore and then we find out if the kick can take down Lesnar.

Moreover, Heyman had something for us, more than a spoiler or a prediction – a guarantee. He said Lesnar will be standing here next year in the go-home RAW segment, with the title over his shoulder, and Heyman will be talking about Drew also had a great story to tell, better than the others, but he got beaten “ugly” in 2020 by Lesnar. Heyman said Drew is walking in special this year, but walking out just like everybody else, nothing more than Brock’s b***h. The final RAW before WrestleMania 36 went off the air.


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