Isaiah “Swerve” Scott came out first. Gentleman Jack Gallagher was out next for this match that was taped after SmackDown last week. Scott took Gallagher down and grounded him. Gallagher fought out and took Scott down. He bended the fingers back. They ran the ropes and Scott dropped him with a shoulder. Scott caught Gallagher in mid-air but still got tossed across the ring. Gallagher grounded Scott in the middle of the ring again. Scott came back and dropped Gallagher into an armbreaker.

Further, he looked to mount some offense. Scott dropkicked Gallagher and showed off some. Gallagher avoided a shot and rolled to the floor for a breather. Scott followed and ran around the ring but Gallagher went back in. Gallagher charged but Scott back-dropped him over the top to the floor. Scott ended up kicking Gallagher back out to the floor, continuing to dominate. He brought it back into the ring for a quick pin attempt. Scott hit another submission, focusing on the arm and hand.

Gallagher ended up pulling at Scott’s hair to break free from a hold. He launched Scott face-first into the turnbuckles and Scott went down to turn it around. After the break, Scott made a comeback. He unloaded with kicks against the ropes. Gallagher sent Scott to the apron but Scott rocked him with an elbow. Scott kept fighting and came back in, catching Gallagher with a Paydirt but Gallagher kicked out at two. Gallagher turned it around and went back to work on Scott’s arm.

However, Scott fought out with a backbreaker. He delivered a big chop. Gallagher delivered a big chop. Scott kicked Gallagher but he bounced back off the ropes with a huge headbutt to drop Scott for a two count. Gallagher focused on the arm. He took Scott down into an armbar. Scott countered into an arm submission of his own. Gallagher fought out and went right back into his own armbar again. Scott fought out and went back to the arm. Finally, he hit a big kick and then the House Call kick to the head for the pin to win.

Result: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

After the match, Swerve stood tall as Alicia did the announcement. Scott was all smiles in the ring while Gallagher was sitting up against the barrier on the outside.


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