The Undisputed Era came out to the ring for tonight’s six-man main event Matt Riddle, Pete Dunne and Tommaso Ciampa attacked them before the bell. A big brawl broke out at ringside, going up the ramp and on the stage, and back down. The bell rang while Ciampa and O’Reilly were in the ring going at it to start. O’Reilly nailed Ciampa from behind to start. Ciampa leveled O’Reilly after some back and forth. Riddle came in and kicked away until O’Reilly countered. Fish tagged in and traded strikes with Riddle.

Riddle took Fish down by his arm. Fish turned it into a quick two count. Cole tagged in but he ran right into a big kick to the face from Riddle. Dunne tagged in and The BroserWeights double teamed Cole. Cole fought Dunne off but Dunne nailed a big enziguri in the corner. He blocked The Bitter End. Dunne fought in from the apron but Fish held his leg. Dunne nailed a moonsault to the floor on Fish. Strong ran over and took Dunne out. Cole brought Dunne back in the ring and beat him down.

Fish tagged back in and worked Dunne over while Strong was cheering him at ringside. O’Reilly tagged back in and unloaded on Dunne in the corner. Finally, Dunne countered and took O’Reilly’s leg out. Riddle ended up tagging in and unloading with kicks and forearms for everyone while fans popped. He lunched Fish with an Exploder. Riddle also hit O’Reilly with an Exploder. He nailed Brotons to Fish and O’Reilly. Riddle hit a big German to Fish for a two count. The Undisputed Era regrouped on the floor.

After the break, Cole came in to beat Riddle down. Cole grounded Riddle with a headlock. So, fans started rallying for Riddle. Riddle fought up but Cole kept control and tagged in O’Reilly for a double team but he kicked out at two. O’Reilly put Riddle down and kept him grounded but Riddle fought back, resisting on his way back up. Fans did dueling chants. O’Reilly hit a jumping guillotine and a body scissors. Riddle got out but O’Reilly blocked the Ripcord knee. O’Reilly nailed a big German suplex. Riddle came right back with a German of his own.

They went on and collided, both going down. Strong interfered from the apron while the referee was distracted. More back and forth now. Dunne finally came in. Cole went to work on Cole and took out O’Reilly as he came in. Dunne slammed O’Reilly on Cole. He went on and covered Cole for a two count. Dunne missed from the top on Cole, who came back with a big flying knee in the middle of the ring. Cole went to the top for a Panama Sunrise but Dunne blocked him with a big forearm. He ate a big Ushigoroshi but kicked out at two.

More back and forth until Ciampa came in. Ciampa unloaded while fans were chanting “Daddy’s home!” He focused on O’Reilly in the ring, nailing a few big knees. Strong tried to interfere again but Ciampa took him out. Ciampa fought O’Reilly off and dropped him into Project Ciampa for a two count as Fish made the save. Riddle ran in and leveled Fish. Ciampa lets O’Reilly tag Cole in. Ciampa told Cole to come bring it. Cole and Ciampa unloaded in the middle of the ring. Ciampa got the upperhand but Cole dropped him.

There’s chaos as everyone got involved. Cole superkicked The BroserWeights but Ciampa blocked a superkick. The chaos continued until Strong ran into the ring and dropped Ciampa. The referee called for the disqualification and we got the bell. After the bell, The Undisputed Era kept the offense going as the tag team champions double team Dunne on the floor. They hit High Low on Riddle at ringside. Strong dropped Ciampa in the middle of the ring while Cole recovered next to them. Fans booed as The Undisputed Era gathered in the middle of the ring.

Strong brought a can of yellow spray paint to Cole. The boos continued as Cole talked trash to Ciampa while the others hold him down. Cole sprayed a yellow “X” on Ciampa’s back. The referee tried to restore order but The Undisputed Era wasn’t done with Ciampa. Cole dropped his knee pad and exposed the knee to put Ciampa away, but the lights went down and we saw the “5,2,0” circle teaser that was shown last week. Fans went wild as The Velveteen Dream appeared on the top turnbuckle out of nowhere.

Dream leapt at The Undisputed Era and took them all down at once. Fans went wild as Dream unloaded on Cole and his crew with superkicks. Dream dropped Cole with a Dream Valley Driver and sent him out. He mounted Strong and unloaded on him, forcing him to scramble to the floor. Fans chanted “welcome back!” as Dream posed in the middle of the ring. NXT went off the air with Dream standing tall while fans cheering him on.


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