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Universal Champion Seth Rollins defeated young upstart Humberto Carrillo in a thrilling bout

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins came out for this non-title match. Humberto Carrillo was out next. The bell hit, and they went at it. Carrillo delivered offence and an early pin attempt. They tangled on the mat, and Rollins kept Carrillo grounded. The two superstars got back to their feet, and Carrillo worked on the arm. Rollins turned it around and went for a single-leg Crab. Carrillo got the bottom rope to break the hold.

Meanwhile, the fans chanted “we want Wyatt!” Rollins sent Carrillo to the floor and nailed a suicide dive, sending Carrillo into the barrier. He hit more offence on the floor while the referee counted. Rollins hit a big suplex on the floor while Carrillo yelled out in pain. The BeastSlayer returned to the ring while the referee counted. Rollins had Carrillo face-down in the middle of the ring. He took his time and kept Carrillo grounded.

Carrillo looked to mount offense, but Rollins dropped him. Rollins talked some more trash while easily controlling the match. Carrillo landed on his feet from a counter and nailed a jawbreaker. He hit a kick to the face. Carrillo kept control and climbed to the top but Rollins side-steps to counter. Rollins hit a Falcon Arrow for a close pin attempt.

However, the fans chanted for Bray Wyatt again. Rollins springboarded in with a knee to the face. He went on and hit a Buckle Bomb and a big superkick to the face, but Carrillo still kicked out at two. Rollins couldn’t believe it, and he played to the crowd for some boos. He cranked up as some fans chanted “burn it down!” Carrillo side-stepped the Stomp and rolled him for a two count. He delivered more kicks.

Carrillo dropped Rollins for a pop. He climbed back to the top, but Rollins got his boot up, and Carrillo hit it face-first. Rollins came right back with a superkick and a Stomp in the middle of the ring for the pin to get the non-title win. After the match, the Universal Champion stood tall. Rollins exited the ring with the title but turned around and walked back into the ring.

The music stopped while he stared Carrillo down. Carrillo quickly got back to his feet. Rollins offered his hand, and they shook.

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