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Universal Champion Seth Rollins defeated United States Champion AJ Styles via Disqualification in a Champion vs. Champion Match

Seth Rollins still had his ribs taped up. The match started, and Rollins took it to the corner, unloading on AJ Styles. Rollins ended up turning Styles upside down and stomping away. He hit a big running dropkick into the corner at Style’s face, while he’s still upside down. Styles countered a move and clubbed Rollins in the back. Rollins slid out of a move and kicked Styles down. He went for a stomp, but Gallows and Anderson pulled Styles to safety.

Rollins ran the ropes and leaped out, taking Gallows down. Next dropped Anderson next. However, Styles took advantage and rammed Rollins ribs-first into the apron. He kept control of Rollins on the outside. Styles remained in control while Gallows and Anderson looked on. He went for a Styles Clash on the apron, but Rollins slid out. Rollins brought Styles down to the floor, and he landed hard.

Both were down on the floor while the referee counted. So, Gallows and Anderson threw Styles back into the ring at the six counts. Rollins made it back in at the nine counts. Thus, Styles unloaded on Rollins with strikes. Rollins hit a Slingblade and then tripped Styles and nailed a forearm in the corner.  Further, he hit a Falcon Arrow for a two count in the center of the ring.

Rollins took Styles to the top, but Styles sent him back down. He ran back up for a reverse superplex, but Styles sent him down again. Styles went down and springboarded in, but Rollins ducked the Phenomenal Forearm. Rollins hit a big kick to the face. He climbed to the top, but Gallows shoved him off to the mat while Anderson had the referee distracted on the apron.

Finally, the referee noticed something is off, and he ejected the tag champions to the back. Styles rolled Rollins up for a two count. Rollins dodged a Pele kick and dropped Styles with a kick to the face. Suddenly, Gallows & Anderson rushed back to the squared and beat Rollins down for the disqualification.

The Architect tried to battle The OC off after the bell, but the numbers caught up and they triple-teamed Rollins. Meanwhile, the music hit and Ricochet came out to make the save. Ricochet bested The OC while Gallows caught Ricochet in mid-air. Also, Anderson assisted for a Big Boot of Doom to Ricochet. He tossed Ricochet out of the ring to the floor. So, The OC went back to triple-teaming Rollins.

However, the music hit again, and Braun Strowman came out. Anderson met him at ringside but got flattened. Strowman entered the squared circle and leveled Gallows next. Styles kicked to Strowman. He charged, but Strowman caught him for a big slam. Strowman stood tall and got hyped up for a big pop from the crowd. Fans chanted for Strowman while he scooped Styles for a big running powerslam.

Strowman stood tall again for another pop. He went to ringside and brought the Universal Title belt back in to Rollins. The BeastSlayer was on his feet.  Strowman handed the title to Rollins who stared him before grabbing it. He extended his hand, and they shook while fans cheered them on. Strowman raised his arms and stood, and Ricochet joined them.

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