Braun Strowman came out first for tonight’s main event. WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins was out next. We got the formal ring introductions from Mike Rome. The bell rang, and Strowman runs over Rollins with a shoulder. Strowman delivered more big moves. Rollins slid out of a powerslam attempt and went for the knee from behind. He kept going for the leg, but Strowman blocked. Rollins hit a pair of superkicks and a third to bring Strowman down. He climbed to the top and hit a big Frogsplash, but Strowman kicked out before one. Rollins was shocked. Strowman continued to dominate and talked trash. He missed, and Rollins countered.

Rollins springboarded in and barely connected with a knee. He made the same move and brought Strowman down to one knee. Rollins climbed to the top, but Strowman caught him in mid-move and clubbed him to the mat. Strowman ran around the ring and floors Rollins on the outside. He brought it back in, but Rollins rolled back out for another breather. Strowman ran around the ring and leveled Rollins with a big shoulder. He launched Rollins into the barrier and rolled him back in. Rollins ended up sending Strowman flying over the German announce team with a big shot. Strowman got up, but Rollins nailed a suicide dive, sending Strowman into the edge of the table.

Rollins went for another dive and sent Strowman back into what was left of the table. He went for another dive, but Strowman fought. Rollins ended up placing Strowman on the Spanish announce table. He climbed to the top, but Strowman ran back up and cut him off. Strowman climbed to the top, but Rollins climbed up with him. He sat down on top and shoved Rollins to the mat. Strowman was bleeding some from his face. He stood up on the top and leaped, nailing a massive splash on Rollins. Strowman clutched his knee and sold an injury. He covered for a two count. We got a replay of Strowman’s colossal top rope splash. Strowman stumbled up and scooped Rollins, but Rollins turned that into a Sleeper hold.

He faded while Rollins brought him down to his knees. Strowman overpowered and sent Rollins to the mat. Rollins came right back with a Stomp, but Strowman kicked out at one. He couldn’t believe Strowman kicked out so easy. Rollins came right back with a second Stomp, but Strowman kicked out at two. He was surprised again. Rollins went for a third Stomp and nailed it. However, the fans booed as Rollins covered again, but Strowman kicks out at two. Rollins went for another Stomp, but Strowman countered and scooped him for a running powerslam. Strowman’s knee went out during the powerslam.

So, Rollins took advantage and countered and then nailed a Pedigree. He immediately followed up with another Stomp and covered for the pin to retain. Rollins stood tall with the title after the match while his music hit and he headed to the stage.

The BeastSlayer’s victory overshadowed by The Fiend

The pay-per-view was about to go off when the lights went out. “The Fiend” was here. We saw The Fiend holding Rollins on the stage. The Fiend dropped Rollins with Sister Abigail on the stage while the light flickers back and forth on him. The lights went out after Sister Abigail. It came back on, and we saw Wyatt holding Rollins. The lights started flickering again while The Fiend brought Rollins back down with the Mandible Claw. Wyatt screamed and laughed, and the lights went back out. WWE Clash of Champions went off the air with Wyatt’s laugh blaring across the arena.


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