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Universal Champion Seth Rollins confronted Kevin Owens – Baron Corbin interrupted

WWE Universal Champion squared off against Kevin Owens with a special guest referee Sami Zayn in a non-title match. Sami Zayn entered the ring and argued with the main referee, John Cone, about how everything is going to go down. The Architect had his ribs taped up. Sami checked to make sure Rollins has no weapons on him. They had a few words. Sami gave Owens an easy pass.

Zayn distracted the referee from the apron while Rollins had Owens rolled up for several seconds. Rollins goes back to work on Owens. This led to more time wasting and arguing between Rollins and both referees. The BeastSlayer sent Owens down on the floor and hit the ropes. Rollins followed on the floor and Owens suckered him in, sending him into the barrier. Owens followed up with a DDT on the floor.

KO yells out about being the man. Owens continued to dominate Rollins. Owens slammed Rollins over his knee and bended him. KO talked trash while keeping Rollins down. The Architect delivered a headbutt but Owens was still up. Also, Rollins delivered a Slingblade. Owens battled right back and dropped Rollins. KO climbed to the top for a big Frogsplash but he got his knees up just in time. Rollins looked to mount offense for a comeback, but Owens decked him.

The BeastSlayer avoided a Pop-Up Powerbomb. They traded counters while Owens connected with a big kick. Rollins nailed an Enziguri. Zayn was looking worried at ringside. Rollins climbed to the top but Sami entered the ring to check on Owens. However, he shouldn’t because he was the outside referee. Rollins came down from the top as the referees argue.

Owens took advantage of the distraction and rolled Rollins up from behind for two counts. Rollins threw Owens over the top rope to the floor. The Architect ran the ropes and sent Owens into the barrier. Zayn got caught in the crossfire and hit some. Rollins hit a Stomp and covered for the pin but Sami pulled the main referee out. They argued at ringside some more. Zayn wanted Rollins disqualified for the dive that barely hit him. Sami had words with Rollins.

The BeastSlayer grabbed Sami by his collar and he called for the bell. Kevin won the match via disqualification. After the match, Baron Corbin appeared and attacked Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

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