Kofi Kinston vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sami Zayn

AJ Styles appeared on Blue Brand using Mr. McMahon’s “Wild Card Rule.” He claimed that SmackDown is still the place that AJ Styles Built. Sami Zayn interrupted and demanded styles to go back where he belongs. WWE Champion Kofi Kingstone & Xavier Woods made their way to the squared circle. The Dread Locked Dynamo suggested that he’s willing to defend his title against The Phenomenal One.

However, Zayn said that he deserved the WWE Championship opportunity the most. Kofi Kingston was confident he could happily defend his title against Styles and Zayn tonight. Shortly, WWE confirmed that Kofi would defend his in a Triple Threat Match against both superstars. Kofi Kingston grasped Mr. McMahon’s new “Trump card Rule” by guarding his WWE Championship against unexpected opponents for the second in a row night.

AJ Styles and Sami Zayn hoped to take the WWE Title back to RED BRAND. However, Kingston was undaunted in his certainty, assuming the dynamic assaults of the two Styles and Zayn and terminating back with his own. Kofi dominated the challenge hitting an amazing splash that sent the all of his bodyweight smashing down on Styles’ back. Zayn nailed Kofi with a picture-impeccable superplex & a huge hurricanrana from Styles to Zayn. Meanwhile, Kofi landing a standout amongst the most creative SOSs ever seen.

Kevin Owens appeared and brutally attacked Xavier Woods. This diversion permitted Zayn to associate with three Blue Thunder Bombs onto Kingston. However, The Dreadlocked Dynamo would not remain down and amazingly kicked out each time. A disappointed Zayn exchanged up his technique, scrutinizing Kofi for a Helluva Kick, Further, the WWE Champion indeed found a way, interfacing with Trouble in Paradise for three to hold his title in a moment great conveyed to us.

Kofi Kingston prevails in the Triple Threat Match defeating Daniel Bryan & Sami Zayn. The Champ did what he said. The aggressive Kofi kept an eye on the fallen Xavier Woods during the after match interview at ringside. Moreover, he shouted that there would be damnation to pay for Kevin Owens at WWE Money in the Bank.


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