We heard The Undertaker’s traditional music in the cemetery. A hearse pulled up to the gates and drove in. Two hooded figures step out and open the back door. A coffin slide out but AJ Styles popped up and laughed. He’s loud and ready, wearing his shirt and jeans. Style’s ready for The Deadman. Where are you? Music suddenly hit and we got a shot of Taker riding his motorcycle on the road. Taker drove into the cemetery with more of an American Badass look. Styles was ready to fight. Taker stepped out of the shadows into the light. Styles said he didn’t think he’d show up and wonders if Michelle McCool knows he’s out this late. He said he dug Taker’s grave for him.

We saw the open hold. Taker said Styles dug his own grave. The trash talking continued. Taker approached and Styles grabbed a brick but Taker dropped him and talked trash while beating him around. Taker brought AJ over and called him by Allen while Styles was trying to get away. He sent AJ into the coffin door and slammed him into it several times. Taker grabbed a piece of steel off the ground and went to use it on Styles but Styles moved and Taker’s arm went through the hearse door. Taker was bleeding and he wasn’t happy about it. He continued to beat Styles around.

Styles crawled on top of the car and Taker followed, taunting him. Taker mounted Styles on top of the car and unloaded with rights, warning him to never talk about his wife again. Styles fell off the car. Styles turned it around but Taker manhandled him some more. Taker knocked Styles into the empty grave. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson called Taker out and said they’re just getting started. Taker was suddenly surrounded by druids. He started brawling but got beat up at one point. Taker made the comeback and Styles came. Styles worked Taker over and yelled that Taker made him break his finger.

Styles yelled at Taker to just retire and end this. He got the upperhand again and talked more trash while Taker was down. Styles mounted Taker with another big right hand. Taker crawled through the grass while Styles stalked him, still talking trash. Styles called Taker a broken down old b***h. He grabbed a shovel while Taker sat up on his knees. Styles said he is doing the world a favor by burying what’s left of Taker. Taker slowly got up in pain. Styles broke the shovel of his back, sending Taker into the empty grave. Taker was on his back, laid out in the hole.

Styles poured a handful of dirt – ashes to ashes, dust to dust. He climbed up on a tractor and cranked it up. Taker somehow appeared next to Styles on the tractor, with a light shining behind him. He unloaded on a shocked Styles. Taker beat Styles off the tractor and over to the side. He was looking a bit different and talking more trash while Styles climbed up on a barn. Taker made flames rise for a few seconds. He fought off Styles, Gallows and Anderson. Taker scooped Anderson and hit a Tombstone on top of the tin roof of the barn. Styles fought Taker but Taker got the upperhand. Taker delivered a huge chokeslam from the roof of the barn down through a box on the ground.

He went down and taunted Styles, asking him if he remembers Taker’s wife, or if he remembers Taker’s age now. Taker said they’re not done yet, just getting started. Isn’t that what Styles told him? Taker scooped Styles onto his shoulders and brought him over to the empty grave. Taker dropped him next to the hole. Styles said he’s sorry, don’t bury me. Taker asked Styles to say what he’s sorry for. Styles begged again for Taker not to bury him. Taker held Styles by his throat, taunting him some more. He said Styles put up a hell of a fight, fought his ass off. Styles didn’t want to be buried.

Taker hugged Styles and pats him on the back. He said a lot of people haven’t given him the fight AJ did. Taker said Styles is good, brother. He went to walk away but stopped. He turned back around and kicked Styles into the hole with a big boot. Taker stared down at Styles and then walked to the tractor, which was full of a load of dirt. He started the tractor up and dumped the load of dirt onto AJ in the hole. Taker turned off the tractor and we heard his bell toll. He hopped off the tractor and the bell tolled again, and again. Taker removed a cover off the tombstone and it has AJ’s name on it, and 1977 – 2020 with a “Rest In Peace” message.

Result: The Undertaker def. AJ Styles

Post-match, The Phenom put his bandana back on and got on his motorcycle. Styles’ fist was shown punching through the dirt. Taker cranked his bike back up and raised his fist in the air, which made flames jump around the barn as his purple logo appeared on the front of the barn. Metallica’s “Now That We’re Dead” started back up as Taker rushed out of the cemetery.


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