The Heavy Machinery – Tucker and Otis were backstage. Tucker mentioned seeing Mandy Rose earlier but he thinks she was just being nice when she asked about Otis, and he thought she was headed to Dolph Ziggler’s room. Otis got a text message and he’s really excited. He rushed off but won’t tell Tucker where he’s going. Tucker asked what about the match. Back in the ring, Tucker went at it with Dolph Ziggler, trading offense. Tucker overpowered early on and leveled Ziggler.

Tucker worked Ziggler over while he’s down on the mat. Ziggler kicked Tucker’s knees and nailed a neckbreaker. He dropped a big elbow to the chest for a close two count. Ziggler kept Tucker grounded, telling the referee to ask him if he gives. Tucker fought to his feet but Ziggler slammed him back down to the mat. Ziggler nailed a dropkick for another two count. He went right back to the headlock. Ziggler went on until Tucker caught a kick and drop him.

Tucker catapulted Ziggler into the turnbuckles and kept control. Ziggler came back and went on to hit a big shot in the corner. He kept control and dropped Tucker with a DDT. Tucker fought out of a headlock. They traded strikes in the middle of the ring. Tucker tossed Ziggler across the ring and out to the floor. He followed and slammed Ziggler face-first into the announce table. Tucker launched Ziggler into the barrier while the referee counted. He broke the count as Ziggler tried crawling up the ramp.

Tucker grabbed Ziggler and launched him into the steel ring steps. He brought Ziggler back into the ring. Tucker caught a kick and nailed a sideslam for a two count. He showed some frustration. Ziggler rolled back to the floor for a breather. Tucker went to slam Ziggler on the steps but he slide out. Ziggler dug at Tucker’s eyes and then nailed a Zig Zag on the bottom part of the steps. The referee called the match.

Result: Tucker def. Dolph Ziggler via DQ

Post-match, The ShowOff was all smiles as he stood tall at ringside. Ziggler grabbed the other half of the steps and went to slam them onto Tucker. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out to the ramp with Mandy screaming for Ziggler to stop. Otis also ran out. Everyone stopped as we saw the familiar glitches on the screen as the “Truth Will Be Heard” message popped on the screen.

The big screen showed a man sitting in a production control room, in frosnt of security cameras. The hooded man turned around but we still couldn’t see his face. He told us the truth will be heard. Are we paying attention? The man pressed a play button and we saw security camera video from Valentine’s Day. The video showed Rose and Deville backstage talking about Otis and their date that night. Rose said Otis is big, but he’s super sweet. Deville supported the date.

Rose walked out and Deville picked up her phone. We saw Deville sending the infamous text message to Otis. We also saw Otis receive the text and reply. The security camera feed then showed Deville deleting the texts from Otis. A shocked Rose looked at Deville. Deville pleaded with her. We also saw footage of Ziggler and Deville backstage on Valentine’s Day, conspiring together against Rose and Otis’ date to get what they both want.

The truth will be heard glitches went off again and the man was gone. Deville begged Mandy to please understand. Rose just looked at everyone and walked up the ramp to the back. Deville followed. Otis chased Ziggler and knocked him down at the bottom of the ramp. Ziggler kept running away to the back while Otis stared him down, then checked back on Tucker.


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