Cameron Grimes came out. WWE 205 Live Superstar Tony Nese was out next as Greg Hamilton did the introductions. The bell rang and they went at it, going into the corner. They talked trash and break early. The two locked up and go to the mat, trading holds. They tangled and Nese grounded Grimes by his arm. Grimes tried to get going again but Nese shut him down and grounded him by his arm again.

They broke and Nese charged but Grimes dropped him neck-first over the top rope for a two count. Grimes kept Nese grounded by his left arm, pressing his face into the mat. Nese fought up and out and looked to mount offense but Grimes chopped him down for a two count. Grimes showed more frustration. Nese avoided a powerbomb but they tangled and Nese came back with a big kick to the face.

More back and forth until Nese with a heel kick to the face. He mounted more offense in the corners. Grimes caught him but Nese slide out and dropped him. Nese went out and springboarded back at Grimes with a moonsault. He covered but Grimes kicked out just before the two count. Grimes hit a Superman Forearm after more back & forth. Nese responded with a superkick. Nese exposed his knee and charged but Grimes hit another big forearm. Grimes charged and hit the Cave In double stomp out of nowhere for the pin to win.

Result: Cameron Grimes def. Tony Nese

After the match, The Technical Savage stood tall while Nese was recovering.


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