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Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano engaged in a brawl at WWE Performance Centre


Tommaso Ciampa came out for the show-closing segment. He slowly walked down the ramp. Ciampa was in the ring with a mic. He isn’t sure if Johnny Gargano can hear him. Ciampa said Gargano promised everyone last week that we would find out why this week, and time is about up. He went on and Gargano interrupted from a meeting room in the back of the Performance Center. Gargano promised they will do it The Gargano Way. He said everyone knows they were wrong about Ciampa as he’s done nothing over the past three years.

Gargano called Ciampa the worst in NXT history. He continued ranting about Ciampa until Ciampa exited the ring and headed to the back. Gargano turned around as Ciampa entered the room. They started brawling all through the back rooms of the Performance Center. The two fought into the trainer’s room. Ciampa grabbed a crutch and bent it over Gargano’s back. What looked like a security guard tried to come from behind but Ciampa dropped him. They fought out into the gym area.

Ciampa went down but came back and sent Gargano face-first into a door. A referee tried to stop Ciampa. Gargano hit a shot of something to the face and eyes of Ciampa. He grabbed Ciampa and sent him head-first through the glass window of a door. The glass shattered when Ciampa’s head went through it. However, Security came out again to try and stop the brawl, as officials were also trying. Gargano beat Ciampa around the gym area. He grabbed a big steel weight and tossed it but Ciampa moved out of the way.

Ciampa grabbed the weight and hit Gargano in the gut with it. He grabbed a smaller weight and threw it but Gargano moved and the weight shatters a large mirror on the wall. The brutal brawl continued while they fought back out to the ringside area. They traded lefts and rights through the crowd at the Performance Center. Gargano got the upperhand and played to the crowd but they booed him. Ciampa took advantage and decked Gargano. Fans chant “Daddy’s home!” as Ciampa grabbed a steel chair.

He charged charged, ramming it into Gargano’s head, up against part of a steel barrier. So, fans chanted “holy s–t!” and “NXT!”  The brawl continued over near the announce table as the announcers scattered. Gargano walked up to the perch above the announce table and Ciampa followed. Ciampa tried to dump Gargano over the railing onto the announce table but Gargano superkicked him back. Gargano removed the railing from the perch while fans chanted “holy s–t!” again.

Gargano looked to drop Ciampa from the perch up high, through the announce table down below, but Ciampa hung on and rocked him again. He nailed a GargaNo Escape and a kick to the mouth. Gargano wanted everyone to see what is about to happen to Ciampa. He looked to put Ciampa from the perch to the table down below but Ciampa countered at the last second, Ciampa put Gargano through the announce table with a huge Fairytale Ending. Gargano looked shocked and in pain, with his shoulder in bad shape.

Fans went nuts and chanted “holy s–t!” as officials rushed over to check on both men. Ciampa and Gargano were rolling around in pain on the collapsed announce table, which has been flattened. NXT General Manager William Regal was among the officials tending to the chaos. Finally, the first-ever NXT from the WWE Performance Center went off the air.



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