The NXT Championship is Tommaso Ciampa’s lifeblood, but thanks to Johnny Gargano, The Blackheart is still without it.

Tommaso Ciampa came out for tonight’s main event. NXT Champion Adam Cole was out next. We got formal ring introductions as they faced off and trashed talk. The bell rang as they faced off and went at it. Ciampa took Cole down with a headlock. He kept control and dropped Cole with two shoulders. Ciampa sent Cole to the floor. Cole avoided a Willow’s Bell from the apron as he tried to come back in. He ran back in and Ciampa followed. Ciampa kept control and took Cole down into another headlock.

Cole struggled to get free. Finally, they ended up on their feet as the back & forth continued. Ciampa pulled Cole to the floor. He blocked a shot into the ring post. Ciampa came back and got dropped with a big boot to the face. Cole broke the count and pat himself on the back for a pop. Ciampa took advantage and sent Cole into the steel steps, then the ring post, then over the announce table. He put Cole in a chair and delivered a running knee. Ciampa sat on the apron and mocked Cole, patting himself on the back for a pop.

Ciampa broke the count and brought Cole back into the ring. Cole rolled back out and fans booed. Cole missed a kick from the floor. Ciampa hit a basement dropkick. He laid Cole on the apron and delivered a high knee for a pop. Ciampa brought it back in but Cole rolled to the floor again for more boos. He slammed Cole over the top of the barrier, ribs-first, then clubbed him over the back. Ciampa hit a running high knee to knock Cole of the barrier. He played to the crowd for a pop.

Ciampa put Cole in another chair and chopped away. He rallied the crowd while the referee was counting. Ciampa delivered another huge running knee while Cole was in the chair. He celebrated with a fan. Ciampa stared at the NXT Title belt and went to bring Cole back to the ring. He looked to slam Cole on to the announce table but Cole slide out. Cole ducked a kick and an enziguri. Cole launched Ciampa back onto the edge of the announce table, neck-first.  So, fans chanted “holy s**t!” The referee checked on Ciampa.

Cole brought it back into the ring for a two count. Cole kept Ciampa down and worked him over, trash talking him. Ciampa got a 2 count out of nowhere. Cole came right back and leveled him with a kick to the face. He taunted Ciampa. Cole went back to the top but Ciampa rocked him. He blocked the sunset bomb and kicks the leg. Cole hit a big Backstabber from the corner for a two count. He hit a headlock. So, fans did dueling chants. Ciampa looked to make a comeback but Cole blocked Willow’s Bell again.

Cole countered and dropped Ciampa with an enziguri. He came off the ropes for a Panama Sunrise but Ciampa kicked him on the way down. Ciampa kept fighting and mounts offense for a big German suplex. He leveled Cole again and hit the Torture Rack bomb for a close two count. More back and forth on the mat. Cole leveled Ciampa but ran into an uppercut. He rocked Ciampa with a knee. Cole hit a Ushigoroshi for a close two count. They ended up back on the top.

Cole looked for a super Panama Sunrise but Ciampa blocked and turned it into a big Air Raid Crash but Cole still kicked out at two. They ended up on the floor and Ciampa powerbombs Cole into the announce table. It broke some and Cole fell to the floor. Ciampa took the top off and delivered a stiff powerbomb, this time putting Cole through the table. He brought Cole right back in and delivered a running knee to the face. Ciampa went for another knee but Cole superkicked him. He clotheslined Cole.

Ciampa hit Project Ciampa for another close two count in the middle of the ring. Fans chant “fight forever!” again while they were trading strikes in the middle of the ring. Ciampa kept the strikes going but Cole boot him in the face. Cole sent Ciampa out to the floor with a second bicycle kick. Cole ran the ropes for a suicide dive but Ciampa met him in mid-air, knocking him to the floor. Fans chanted “NXT!” while both were down. The referee counted. Ciampa broke it and brought Cole back in the ring.

Cole dropped Ciampa on his neck. Cole hit another big Ushigoroshi for a two count. He couldn’t believe it. Fans did more dueling chants while Cole was talking trash to Ciampa. Ciampa rocked him and they unloaded on each other again. Cole hit two big kicks to bring Ciampa down. He hit the Last Shot to the back of the head. Ciampa rolled to the bottom rope to avoid the pin. Cole followed to the apron and went to the top. He went for a Sunrise on the apron but Ciampa turned it into a Air Raid Crash on the apron.

Fans chanted “holy s**t!”  and “Mamma Mia!” Ciampa went for a Fairytale Ending on the floor but Cole blocked it and backdropped him on the floor. Cole stood on top of the main announce table. He nailed a Panama Sunrise from the announce table to the floor. Cole finally got Ciampa back into the ring while the referee was counting. He followed but Ciampa dropped him with a draping DDT. Ciampa hit a Fairytale Ending in the middle of the ring but Cole still kicked out at two. So, fans chanted “this is awesome!”

Ciampa got up first, and grabbed Cole but Cole clutched his leg. Cole dragged Ciampa down into a Crossface submission. Ciampa countered but Cole crawled for the bottom rope to break the hold and finally did. Cole crawled out to the floor. Roderick Strong ran down to distract the referee on the apron as Ciampa brought Cole back in. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish dragged Ciampa to the floor and double teamed him. Fans booed as they rolled Ciampa back in. Cole covered but Ciampa kicked out at two.

The Undisputed Era cheered Cole on from the outside while fans were chanting for Ciampa. Ciampa ducked a Last Shot. He backdropped Cole over the top onto Fish and O’Reilly. Strong took a Willow’s Bell. Ciampa ran the ropes and took out all of The Undisputed Era on the floor. He brought Cole back in but Cole nailed three superkicks. Cole hit a Last Shot for the close two count. He couldn’t believe it and fans went wild. Cole grabbed the title after Strong put it in the ring while O’Reilly distracted the referee. He blocked it.

However, this led to Cole sending Ciampa into the ropes, knocking the referee to the floor. Cole delivered a cheap shot to Ciampa. He went for the Panama Sunrise but Ciampa kicked him low on the way down. Ciampa hit a Fairytale Ending and covered for a three count but the referee was still down. Fans kept counting the pin past 10. Johnny Gargano was at ringside to support Ciampa. Ciampa crawled for the belt but Gargano pulled it away from him. Gargano knocked Ciampa in the head with the belt. So, fans booed. Cole took advantage and covers for the pin to retain.

Result: NXT Champion Adam Cole def. Tommaso Ciampa               

After the match, Gargano marched to the back as The Undisputed Era hit the ring to celebrate with Cole, who raised the title in the air. Gargano looked back at the in-ring celebration. Mauro said something snapped in Gargano after he lost to Finn Balor tonight. NXT “Takeover: Portland” went off the air with The Undisputed Era sitting on the apron together, talking trash as Cole raised the title.


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