Tommaso Ciampa came walking down to ringside during Austin Theory’s entrance. So, the fans chanted “Daddy’s home.” Ciampa walked over, grabbed a mic, and then entered the ring. He brought up “Takeover: Portland” but Theory approached him. Ciampa just looked down and said, “Listen man, not tonight. I’m telling you, not tonight.” Theory backed off and waited in the corner.

Ciampa brought up Johnny Gargano’s turn from Takeover and said he should’ve saw it coming. He was so focused on getting his title and his life back that he stopped paying attention to his surroundings. Ciampa said one sign was the DIY reunion at Worlds Collide. He said if one thing goes hand-in-hand with Tommaso Ciampa and the NXT Title, and always has, it’s Johnny Gargano.

Ciampa said he’s not asking himself why, he knows why and so does Gargano. Theory came back over and tries to grab Ciampa but Ciampa dropped him. Ciampa went back to speaking on the mic. He said if one thing is clear, in order to get his life back there can be no Gargano in NXT. Finally, Ciampa put the mic down and exited the ring. Theory came after Ciampa on the floor but Ciampa turned right around and leveled him with a big boot.

Ciampa kicked Theory in the head and started launching him from barrier to barrier. The Blackheart had snapped. The referee tried to break it up but Ciampa continued to manhandle Theory at the bottom of the ramp while fans were cheering him on. Ciampa stormed up the ramp and to the back while the referee was checking on Theory.


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