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“The Worst” Shane Thorne def. “NXT’s resident thicc boi” Bronson Reed

Shane Thorne got pushed back to the ropes. Reed looked to back off while Thorne cracked him with a kick before slipping out to the ring for a quick taunt. Thorne looked for a kick, but Reed blocked it and sent him straight to the mat. Reed then simply sit down on his back for a moment. Both got up, and Throne landed some kicks to Reed’s leg. He looked to leap over Reed and ate a sit-out spinebuster. Reed hit a face wash kick in the corner and looked for a gorilla press. But Thorne hit a claw to the eyes and then a chop block. He hit a fish hook, then a penalty kick to Reed’s back.

Reed was slow to get up, and Thorne went for a handful of hair. He hit some chops to Thorne who countered with a dropkick. Throne hit a big Senton in the corner for pin attempt. Reed delivered a Spinning Powerslam, big elbows, and Samoan drop while Thorne hit a kick to the face. He countered with a splash, running senton, multiple splashes in the corner and Thorne rolled to the outside. Reed followed, sent him back in the squared circle. He climbed to the top rope, but Thorne tripped him up though and delivered a shining wizard to cover for pin to win. Thorne has beaten two from the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Velveteen Dream warned Roderick Strong

NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream was hanging on a couch that is pushed out to the stage. Dream showed off some of his merchandise and list off their prices. Then he said retaining his title at TakeOver by pinning Pete Dunne is priceless. He said it could be one man, two men, or the entire locker room; it doesn’t matter. Dream said he’ll always be on top and called out Roderick Strong. The Champion asked Strong if he wants a match, he better show Dream an experience he’s never seen before. Otherwise, it will be “dream over” for Strong.

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