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The Viper delivered another vicious RKO to WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

Randy Orton came out to a pop. Greg Hamilton did the introduction while Tom hyped The Viper vs. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston at Clash of Champions. Fans chanted Orton’s name while he took the mic. He said we would have a new WWE Champion in two weeks. Some fans booed. Orton, he will prove that Kofi is a fraud and has never been on his level. He went on about setting a trap last week but fans interrupted by chanting for The Dreadlocked Dynamo.

Orton said the best part about last week was the sweet sound of Kofi’s skull bouncing off the floor. The Viper said he’s decimated The New Day for weeks and taken out this power of positivity stuff. He showed us highlights of his recent moves against The New Day; including the assists from The Revival. Orton said he doesn’t want to wait for Clash of Champions. He called Kofi to the ring for a fight.

The New Day’s music hit and Orton waited, but Kofi didn’t come out. We saw The Revival appeared on the stage, beating on Kofi. They brawled to the ringside area, but Kofi started to get the upper hand on Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. So, Orton came out to the floor and made the save. He brought Kofi into the squared circle while The Revival followed. Orton took the mic and repeatedly called Kofi stupid while stomping all over him.

The Revival held Kofi while Orton talked trash and issued another threat ahead of Clash of Champions. Kofi battled back and fought them off, but they came back. The Revival assisted Orton with a super RKO. We saw The Dreadlocked Dynamo laid out once again. Orton and The Revival stood tall over WWE Champion while an official checked on him. Orton, Dash, and Dawson hit the same corner to pose, and Orton’s music started back up.

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