The Viking Raiders – Erik and Ivar came out. RAW Tag Team Champions Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler were out for this non-title match. Erik started with Ziggler. Ziggler went for a takedown but missed it. They tangled and went to the mat, then went to the ropes. Ziggler delivered offense. Ziggler kept Erik grounded. Erik came back and dropped Ziggler on his head. Ivar came in for the double team to keep Ziggler down.

Ziggler tagged Roode in while Ivar stared him down. Roode tried for a takedown, but Ivar slammed him to the mat. Ivar scooped Roode, but Roode slid out and focused on taking the leg and knee out. Roode unloaded and looked to take Ivar down. Ivar shut Ziggler down again. He and Erik double-teamed Ziggler and Roode with power moves. Ziggler pulled Roode to safety and checked on him.

The Vikings followed and kept the attack going on the outside. Erik brought Roode back into the ring and kept him down by his arm. Roode fought up and out. Erik countered and delivered a big knee to the jaw to rock Roode back to the mat. Ziggler checked on Roode while he’s down against the barrier again. He rolled Roode back in, but Erik rocked him in the corner.

Erik launched Roode across the ring and clotheslined him back to the floor, into the barrier. Ziggler checked on Roode again and pleaded with The Vikings while they looked on from the ring. Erik fought off both opponents. Roode got the upper hand and ran Erik into the barrier off a Ziggler distraction. Ziggler drove Erik into the floor while the referee was distracted.

Roode brought it back into the ring for a two count on Erik. He unloaded on Erik and tagged Ziggler back in for the double team. Ziggler kept Erik grounded in the center of the ring. Ivar reached for the tag, but Ziggler stopped it. Ziggler delivered a neckbreaker to Erik for a close pin attempt. Roode tagged back in for the quick double team. He hit a suplex for a two count on Erik. Roode kept Erik grounded with a headlock in the middle of the ring.

Erik tried to fight up and out, but Roode took him to the corner. Ziggler tagged in for the double team, but Erik fought them off and dropped them both. Finally, Ivar got the tag and launched Ziggler, then slammed Roode. Ivar continued unloading on the champions with big power moves while the crowd popped. Ziggler fought back and hit a Zig Zag on Ivar for a close pin attempt. He showed frustration.

Ivar blocked a superkick and dropped Ziggler with a big kick of his own. Erik tagged back in for the big double team, but Roode broke the pin. Roode knocked Ivar off the apron. Erik sent Roode out to the floor with Ivar. Ziggler dodged a shot in the corner and rolled Erik up for a two count. He tagged Roode back in for the double team, but Erik fought them off with strikes.

The champs hit a big Spinebuster – Zig Zag combo. Ziggler knocked Ivar off the apron. Roode covered Erik, but he still kicked out at two. He called for the Glorious DDT as he waited for Erik to get up. The Raiders hit the big double team Viking Experience on Ziggler for the pin to win the non-title match.


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