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The Velveteen Dream won a Triple Threat Match to retain NXT North American Title

Velveteen Dream, Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne met in the squared circle. A fight broke out, and Dream was sent out. Strong and Dunne went at it. Dunne hit a big clothesline. He bent Strong’s fingers back while Dream came in. Dream clotheslined Strong to the floor. Strong pulled Dunne out of the ring before Dunne and Dream can went at it. Strong sent him into the barrier. He came in, but Dream mounted him in the corner for strikes.

Dream kept control of Strong. Strong avoided a Sharpshooter and kicked Dream away. Dunne came back in and decked Strong. Dream dropkicked Strong. Dunne and Dream took turns on Strong. Dream whipped Strong at Dunne while Dunne backdropped Strong to the floor. Dunne and Dream went at it. Dream blocked a Bitter End while Strong pulled Dream into the ring post.

Strong hit a wrecking ball dropkick on Dream on the floor. He took turns, making big moves on both opponents on the floor. Strong slammed Dunne on top of the barrier and got a pop. He brought Dunne back into the ring for a two count. Strong went back to work on Dunne. He drove Dunne into the mat for a two count. Strong kept control for a few minutes while Dream was still out of the ring.

Dunne battled back, but Strong dropkicked him. Finally, Dream came back in, flying off the top with an axe-handle on Strong. He worked Strong over and hit a backbreaker. Dream flew from the top with a knee attempt. He applied a Sharpshooter to Strong. Dunne climbed to the top and nailed a dropkick to Dream’s back to break the Sharpshooter.

Dream and Dunne ended up on the floor. He decked Dunne, but Strong went to the apron. Strong hit a big dropkick to Dream. Dunne hit a big moonsault from the apron, taking down both opponents on the floor. They brought it back in the ring, and Dunne kept control, running Germans on both opponents. Dunne hit a two count on Dream. He stomped away on both opponents. Dream and Strong teamed up to bring Dunne down and then pounded on him.

Then, Strong and Dream started hitting each other. Dunne got up, and all three traded strikes. They continued with big kicks to each other. Dunne got the upper hand while fans popped for him and chanted for NXT. He stomped on the fingers of both opponents at the same time. Dream rocked Dunne and hit the Dream Valley Driver. Strong hit an Olympic Slam to Dream. Dunne hit the X Plex to Strong.

Fans chanted “this is awesome!” while all three Superstars were down. Dream climbed to the top, but Dunne rocked him and knocked him to the apron. Dunne climbed up to the second rope and grabbed Dream. He went for a superplex back into the ring, but Dream fought out. Dream climbed to the top, but Dunne grabbed his fingers and bent them. Strong came over and climbed up with them.

Also, he slammed Dunne back to the mat with a super Olympic Slam. Dream flew after that and barely connected on Dunne, if at all. Strong dropped Dunne on his knee. Strong went for the Tiger Bomb, but Dunne tries for a triangle. They tangled and went into the corner. Dream climbed to the top turnbuckle across the ring. He flew across the ring with a big elbow drop, hitting Dunne to break the struggle he was having with Strong.

Strong rocked Dream with a big knee, then one for Dunne. He hit a few running rights to both competitors in a row. He spiked Dream and power-bombed Dunne on him. Strong hit a double Strong Hold, applied to both opponents at the same time. He dropped the hold, and now all three were down once again. Dream kicked Strong away while Dunne grabbed Strong’s fingers. Dream scooped them both at the same time for a DVD, but they slid out.

Strong hit a big knee to Dream’s face while Dunne was going for his fingers. Dunne grabbed their fingers and snapped both of them back. He slammed Strong on his face, but Dream had the referee distracted. Finally, the referee counted, but Dream interrupted his count. There were no disqualifications. Dunne saw this and unloaded on Dream. He stomped Dream’s face into the mat. Strong dodged a kick from Dunne. He hit big forearms to Dunne.

Strong and Dunne tangled some more. Dunne hit a big kick. Strong dropped Dunne and applied the Boston Crab. Dream ran in and broke it, tossing Strong over the top rope to the floor. Dream scooped Dunne and hit the DVD. Strong ran in and tossed Dream out to the floor. He dropped Dunne over his knee, but it’s botched some, he barely connected. Dream ran right back in to break Strong’s pin attempt, stealing the pin to win and retain.

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