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The Velveteen Dream took on Roderick Strong in edge-of-your-seats thriller


The Velveteen Dream returned to the ring tonight’s main event. Dream mouths “hey Maria” to Strong’s wife Marina Shafir. Roderick Strong  came out next by himself. The bell rang and Dream went right to the floor to show off some. He came right back in and they went at it. Strong retreated to the floor and Dream taunted him from the ring. He came up the steps but Dream swung his belt, missing Strong. The referee warned him. Strong came in and went for a takedown.

Dream got back up and they tangled some more, going into the ropes. He went back to the floor and showed off, infuriating Strong some more for all the stalling. Strong chased Dream back in the ring and Dream dropkicked him. Dream unloaded in the corner. He whipped Strong hard into the corner and Strong went down. Dream rocked Strong and delivered big chops in the corners. Strong hit a cheap shot to the eyes. He turned it around with big chops of his own in the corner. Strong delivered more strikes to drop Dream.

Dream tangled but Strong hit a backbreaker. He rolled to the floor to regroup while the referee was checking on him. Dream limped around but here came Strong. He exploded at Strong and took him down on the floor. Strong sent Dream back-first into the apron. He broke the count and went back to work on Dream but Dream fought him off. Dream sent Strong into the ring steps and here came the commercial. After the break, Strong grounded Dream in the middle of the ring with a headlock. Fans rallied for Dream as he started fighting up and out.

Dream hit a back-drop to counter Strong. He rocked Strong with strikes to fight him of. They tangled in the corner and collide, both going down. More back and forth. They traded more big strikes and Dream dropped Strong for a pop. Dream blocked a backbreaker and nailed one of his own. He blocked a back-drop but Strong countered a move with a strike to the jaw. Dream came right back with a right hand and a DDT but Strong still kicked out at two. He climbed to the top while fans were rallying for him.

Dream hit the double ax handle. He hit chops and punches. Dream mounted more offense but Strong turned it around with a shot to the back. He ended up getting launched onto the top of the ring post, ribs and lower area hitting on the exposed part of the steel. Strong climbed up from behind but Dream resisted. Dream powered up with Strong in a Fireman’s Carry on the top. Strong fought out and dropped Dream over the top turnbuckle with a backbreaker but Dream still kicked out at two.

More back and forth in the middle of the ring. Strong hit a big double underhook suplex for another close 2 count. Strong hit a Stronghold in the middle of the ring while the referee checked on Dream. Fans did dueling chants. Dream crawled in the hold and finally got the bottom rope to break it. Strong went for another hold but Dream kicked him over the top rope to the floor. He got in and fought back in. Dream kicked out of a roll-up, then rocked Strong in the mouth. He went on and kicked Strong in the mouth.

Moreover, both superstar unloaded with strikes while down on the mat. They got up and Dream walked into two big boots to go back down. Strong jumped right into a superkick after more strikes between the two. Dream immediately went into the Dream Valley Driver. Strong was down. Dream ripped off the tights he’s been wrestling in tonight, and revealed another pair of tights with Marina Shafir’s face painted on the front of them. He climbed to the top but turned and jumped to take out Undisputed Era at ringside instead as they have just ran out.

Dream took them down and came back in to tangle with Strong. He went right into the Dream Valley Driver for the pin to win. After the match, The Undisputed Era immediately hit the ring to triple team Dream. They took turns destroying Dream and hitting finishers. Strong recovered and joined them. Finally, NXT went off the air with The Undisputed Era posing over Dream in the middle of the ring.



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