The Velveteen Dream came out first for tonight’s main event. Dream entered the cage while fans were chanting his name. Roderick Strong was out next and he’s all business as Dream taunted him. Strong rushed into the cage and immediately attacked as they began to brawl. He blocked a shot into the cage wall and went back to unloading on Dream. Dream leapt up the cage wall but Strong grabbed his leg. He flew through the air and took Strong down from up on the cage wall. Dream worked Strong over in the corner.

Fans did dueling chants as Strong blocked a Dream Valley Driver. Strong unloaded with more strikes. He went on and sent Dream face-first into the steel as he continued to dominate. Strong mounted Dream with more strikes on the mat, while talking trash. Dream rocked Strong out of the corner but Strong with a backbreaker. Strong took off his shirt and threw it at Dream. Strong delivered more offense and some trash talking, telling Dream he started all this. He ran the ropes several times and nailed big strikes to the head.

Strong ended up sent into the cage, falling in between the ropes and the steel. Strong’s wife Marina Shafir ran down to ringside and slid a kendo stick in while Strong was down against the steel. Shafir headed back up the ramp as Strong grabbed the stick. Strong and Dream slowly recovered and here came the commercial with a split screen. We saw Dream get the stick first and use it but Strong turned it around. After the break, Dream stopped Strong from climbing over the top of the cage.

Strong got sent to the mat with a low blow. Dream leapt down and applied a Boston Crab. Strong grabbed the bottom rope but that did nothing in this match. He turned it around and applied the same hold, known as the Stronghold. Eventually, Dream got free and went for a Dream Valley Driver but it’s blocked. He dropkicked Strong into the cage twice. We got more dueling chants from the crowd. Dream superkicked Strong in the face, sending him against the cage wall once again. He called for the cage door to be opened.

Strong dropped Dream to stop him from advancing. He grabbed the kendo stick again but Dream blocked it. Dream looked to capitalize but Strong nailed a kick to the face. Strong used the stick to nail a big backbreaker over his knee. He climbed the cage but Dream came from behind and pulled his pants down, exposing Strong’s backside. So, fans chanted “asshole!” Both superstars were both standing on the top rope. They traded shots. Dream tried to climb over the top of the cage but Strong stopped him.

Strong nailed a massive Olympic Slam from the top of the cage to the mat. He was slow to crawl over and make the cover and Dream kicked out at two. Dream tried to crawl out of the cage door again but he’s stopped. They tangled some more. Strong tried to crawl out of the door. Dream stopped him and ended up hitting the Dram Valley Driver. He hit another DVD right after that one. Dream climbed to the top of the cage again while fans pop. Strong was laid out in the middle of the ring.

NXT Champion Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish come down with weapons. Dream jumped back to the mat but landed hard. He swung with the kendo stick and then right hands as The Undisputed Era members tried to enter the cage. O’Reilly got knocked to the floor. Cole was inside the cage but Dream launched him from the top to the floor. Strong was close to escaping through the door but Dream stopped him again. Dream shoved Strong from the door to the floor in a surprising move out of nowhere. Strong landed on the floor and won the match.

Result: Roderick Strong def. Velveteen Dream

After the match, it was clear why Dream shoved Strong out of the cage. Dream shut the door and locked himself in with Cole. He unloaded on Cole. Dream launched Cole into the cage wall, knocking Fish off from climbing. He unloaded on Strong with kendo stick shots as he tried to climb back in. Dream took Cole down again. Strong was on the top turnbuckle.

Dream dropped Cole and catapulted him into Strong on the top, turning him upside down in a Tree of Woe. He leveled Cole with a big superkick while fans were cheeingr him on. Dream grabbed the NXT Title and raised it for another pop. He taunted Cole and Strong with the title, then dropped Cole with a big belt shot to the face. Dream stood tall over Cole and then sat on top of the cage now. WWE NXT went off the air with Dream posing with Cole’s NXT Title belt on top of the cage.


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