Robert Roode went at it with Jimmy Uso. They traded shots and Jimmy rocked him with a big right hand. Dolph Ziggler also ate one. Jey Uso tagged in for the double team to Roode from the top. A distraction from Ziggler allowed Roode to level Jey for a two count. Ziggler tagged back in and manhandles Jey some, raking at his eyes. He hit a big dropkick for a two count to Jey. Ziggler worked him over in the corner. He then distracted the referee, allowing Roode to claw at Uso in the corner.

Roode tagged in for more offense on Jey in the corner. He grounded Jey in the middle of the ring. Fans tried to rally for The Usos but Roode dropped Jey as he reached for a tag. Ziggler tagged in as Roode dropped Jey with a DDT. He followed up with a Fame-asser for a close two count. Ziggler dropped Jimmy off the apron and showed off while fans were booing him. Jey rolled Ziggler but he kicked out at two. Roode came back in and they hit a big Zig Zag – Spinebuster combo but Jimmy broke the pin up just in time.

Ziggler attacked Jimmy but Jimmy superkicked him. Roode dropped Jimmy but Jey nailed Roode with an enziguri. Jey slowly climbed to the top. Ziggler distracted the referee again while Roode jumped up and shoved Jey off the top, sending him to the floor and face-first into the barrier. After the break, Roode stomped away on Jey in the corner as the referee warned him. Roode kept stomping and the referee backed him off while fans were boo. He was all smiles.

Ziggler came back in but Jey rocked him with right hands. He kicked the knee out and dragged Jey back to their corner. Roode tagged back in for the double team. Jey fought out of the corner with shots to both opponents. He sent Roode to the floor. Jimmy reached for the tag but Roode stopped Jey. Roode swung at Jimmy but missed. Finally, Jey made the tag. Jimmy tagged in and unloaded with a top rope crossbody to Roode. He kept control and hit a Samoan Drop on Roode.

Ziggler ran in but also took a Samoan Drop. Jimmy splashed Ziggler in the corner but ran into a powerslam from Roode for a two count. Roode kept Jimmy down and called for the Glorious DDT. So, fans booed. Jimmy blocked it and back-dropped Roode. Ziggler tagged in and hit a Zig Zag on Jimmy for another close two count. He couldn’t believe it. Ziggler cranked up for the superkick. Jimmy got up and hit one of his own. Roode got sent to the floor.

Jey tagged in and climbed to the top for a big splash on Ziggler but he landed on knees. Roode and Ziggler went for a double team but Jimmy made the save. Jimmy and Ziggler tumbled to the floor.  Roode and Jey tangled. Jimmy tagged in for a double superkick to Roode. He went to the top and hit the big Uso splash on Roode for the pin to win.


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