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The Undisputed Era wreaked havoc during SmackDown Tag Team title match

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Big E and Kofi Kingston tossed pancakes to the crowd. They entered the ring and posed & dances around for fans. The Revival, Scott Dawson, and Dash Wilder came out next. Kofi and Dash went at it. The Revival did a quick tag and early double team. Dawson worked over Kofi and kept him down for pin attempts. More back and forth between the sides, but The Revival kept control. Big E also came in at one point, but Dash kept Kofi down.

Finally, Kofi got an opening on Dawson after the break. Big E got the tag and hit several big suplexes and throws to Dash. He ran the ropes for a splash, but Wilder got his knees up. Dawson tagged back in and went to work on Big E, but Big E caught him with an Uranage in the corner. Dawson blocked the Big Ending while fans chanted for The New Day. The chaos led to Dash coming in and hitting a big tornado DDT to Big E for a two count. Wilder yelled out and showed frustration over the count. He powered up with Big E on his shoulders.

Big E avoided it, and they both collided in the middle of the ring with clotheslines, and both went down. Dawson and Kofi tagged in at the same time. Kofi landed a kick to the head and a dropkick. He sent both opponents to the floor, and then ran the ropes and leaped out, taking them both down for a big pop. Big E tagged in and scooped Dawson for the Midnight Hour. Dash knocked Kofi off the top. Big E sent Dawson over the top to the floor. Dawson hit a big DDT to Big E for a pin attempt and argued with the referee.

The Revival went for a double draping DDT and yelled out to Randy Orton to pay homage. But Big E backdropped them both over the top rope to the floor. Kofi ran and leaped out, but The Revival caught him in mid-air. They rammed him face-first into the ring post. Big E came over to attack, but The Revival put him into the announce table. The Revival went on, kept control, and brought Big E into the ring for a Shatter Machine. Kofi ran in and flew, breaking up the pin just in time. All four Superstars were down while fans were chanting for Kofi.

Suddenly, The Undisputed Era appeared. Cole and Strong pulled Kofi out of the ring and attacked while the referee called for the bell. After the bell, the attack continued as Fish and O’Reilly pulled Dash out of the ring and beat him down. All four members entered the ring and unloaded on Big E and Dawson. A large group of SmackDown Superstars ran down to the ring to make the save while The Undisputed Era retreated into the crowd. The Undisputed Era taunted the blue brand Superstars from the crowd as they looked on from the ring.

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