It’s time for tonight’s main event. The Undisputed Era – Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish came out with Roderick Strong and NXT Champion Adam Cole. The purple light shined over the ring as The Velveteen Dream appeared on the platform above the announcers. Dream taunted Strong and Cole, and had words with Cole. He never cared about Strong or his family, he was just using Strong to get to Cole and the NXT Title.

Cole fired back and said Dream lost last week, he hasn’t earned a title shot. He went on and said he will have a special celebration for next week as he will also become the longest reigning champion next Wednesday. Cole wanted he and Strong to take out Dream, but Dream snapped his fingers and walked away. NXT Tag Team Champions The BroserWeights – Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle came out.

Dunne started things off with O’Reilly and they traded holds. He hit the first takedown a while Strong and Cole were watching from ringside. Fish and Riddle came in with more back and forth. They tangled and Riddle slammed Fish. They broke and went at it again. Fish strike Riddle but Riddle took him down. Riddle hit another gutwrench slam. Dunne joined him as O’Reilly ran in. The BroserWeights hit gutwrench slammed on the challengers at the same time. The challengers regrouped while the champions were standing tall. Here came the commercial.

After the break, Riddle slammed O’Reilly for a close two count. O’Reilly turned it around and mounted Riddle with strikes. Fish tagged back in for the quick double team while Cole and Strong were cheering them on. Fish got another close two count on Riddle. She kept Riddle from tagging out and rocked him with another big forearm. Fish launched himself in from the apron with a senton to Riddle for another two count.

O’Reilly tagged back in for a double snap suplex but Riddle still kicked out at two. He grounded Riddle and worked him over. O’Reilly hit some knees on the ground and on his feet. Fish came back in but Riddle unloaded with strikes. Fish came back with knee strikes. Riddle dropped Fish out of nowhere with a pele kick. O’Reilly came in to stop the tag but Dunne got it anyway.

Dunne went to work on O’Reilly and hit a sliding German suplex. He focused on the limbs of both challengers. Dunne and O’Reilly tangled on the mat. More back and forth until Riddle leapt out and took everyone down on the floor. Cole and Strong were in the ring while the referee has his back turned. The referee turned back around and Dunne threw himself to the mat. Cole and Strong argued with the referee.

Riddle came over and said he saw Cole and Strong kick Dunne to the mat. The referee believed The BroserWeights, ejecting Cole and Strong to the back. Riddle and Dunne taunted The Undisputed Era while fans were singing “goodbye!” to Cole and Strong. Riddle ended up unloading on both challengers with strikes. He dropped O’Reilly on his head for another two count. Fish and O’Reilly went for double Germans but the champions landed on their feet and kept control.

Dunne went on and hit a Tiger Driver on O’Reilly for a close two count. He stomped away on O’Reilly. Back and forth until O’Reilly made a comeback. More back and forth between the two sides. Riddle slammed Fish for a pin but O’Reilly was legal, flying off the top rope with a knee drop. Riddle kicked out just in time. Dunne went for a moonsault to Fish on the floor and missed. O’Reilly flew off the apron with a knee strike to Dunne on the floor. Fish ended up driving Riddle into the mat in the middle of the ring.

Riddle kicked out just in time and fought off both challengers by himself. He took them both down for a big pop. The Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake and Zack Gibson, came down and got on the apron to distract the BroserWeights. Dunne ended up taking care of them and then Riddle back-dropped Fish onto the Vets, taking them down on the floor. Riddle and Dunne went on with the double team on O’Reilly for the pin to retain in the middle of the ring.

Result: NXT Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne def. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish 

After the match, The BroserWeights started celebrating with the gold.


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