The bell hit, and Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish attacked Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic in their corner. They took out Dijakovic, but Lee fought off both opponents. Lee tossed one to the floor and launched the other out onto him while fans were cheering him on. Dijakovic returned to the ring to stand with Lee. Roderick Strong stepped in for Bobby Fish due to medical reasons, as ordered by NXT General Manager William Regal. The match was still for the titles.

Strong worked on Lee, and O’Reilly came in to take over on Lee. He got taken out a few times by Lee. There was some tension between Lee and Dijakovic, but they teamed up to unload on the opponents. Dijakovic slammed Lee on top of the opponents for a big pop. He battled both opponents. Strong delivered a chop block from behind. He hit more power moves and shots to the leg of Dijakovic. Nigel noted that Lee injured Fish during the commercial. Dijakovic and Strong continued to go at it.

Strong kept him down and worked on the leg. Strong dropped Dijakovic again for another close two count.  O’Reilly kept Dijakovic down. He rocked Lee in the corner and just angered him. Finally, Lee tagged in and unloaded on both opponents for a pop. He tossed O’Reilly into Strong after more running wild by himself. O’Reilly saved Strong from a powerbomb. Lee ended up throwing them both at the same time for another pop. Fans chanted for Lee again while he was standing tall.

The champs brought Lee out, and O’Reilly charged at him with a big knee. They brought Lee back in, and Strong missed a knee from the top. Lee knocked O’Reilly out of the air when he jumped. Dijakovic tagged in, but Strong chopped him. He took Strong to the corner and unloaded. Dijakovic delivered more offense in the other corner. He nailed a big clothesline. Strong fought back and went back to the hurt knee of Dijakovic. O’Reilly tagged in, but Dijakovic lifted him.

He caught Dijakovic in a Triangle, but Dijakovic powered up. Strong ran in, but Dijakovic slammed them both at the same time for another big pop. O’Reilly still kicked out at two. Dijakovic hit more power moves to Strong. O’Reilly rolled Dijakovic up while he had Strong. He kicked out at two. The champs looked to walk away, but Lee stopped them at ringside. Dijakovic springboarded off the top and nailed the champs on the floor. Thus, the fans went wild. O’Reilly snapped Dijakovic’s hurt leg over the middle rope.

Strong tagged in, but Dijakovic nailed a double chokeslam. Adam Cole ran down, but Lee hit a Pounce, sending Cole flying into the second row. However, fans chanted “holy shit!” at the big bump by Cole. Dijakovic looked on from the ring, allowing Strong and O’Reilly to hit the High Low for the pin to win. Lee ran in just a second too late.

Result: NXT Tag Team Champion Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish def. Keith Lee & Dominick Dijakovic

After the match, the champs stood tall together on the ramp while Lee and Dijakovic re-grouped in the ring. Plus, we saw Cole with Strong and O’Reilly on the stage, raising the titles high.


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