The Undertaker crossed path with some of the greatest superstar in WWE history over his career. We all know of his epic clashes against the likes of Kane, Shawn Michaels & Stone Cold Steve Austin. But do you remember the five rare Undertaker matches?

JBL to Defend His Title

JBL had a Texas-size target on his back during 279 days WWE Championship reign. And at Armageddon 2004, he had to defend his title against three of SmackDown’s toughest & most beloved superstars. The Star studded match saw Undertaker send JBL on the last ride through the table. And Guerrero at The Phenom with a frog splashes off the ladder. The Dead Man mounted a comeback by Choke slamming all three of his opponent. But Heidenreich shockingly interfered to save JBL’s reign.

Undertaker put Heyman in Casket

The following month on the first SmackDown 2005, Heidenreich had to pay his debut. And so did his advocate long time undertaker rival Paul Heyman in a Handicap match. Heyman who was still wearing a full suit, proudly cheered on his client as he pummeled The Dead Man. Though when Undertaker flipped the momentum in his favor, Heyman started to cower on the corner. Firmly in control, Undertaker called on his Druids to bring two caskets to the ring causing Heidenreich to panic & tagging Heyman before running away. Heyman pleas for mercy ended in a tombstone & a view of the inside of a casket.

Tournament for Lesnar’s First Challenger

After WrestleMania 19, SmackDown General Manager Stephanie McMahon announced a tournament to crown a WWE Champion Brock Lesnar’s first challenger. The first round kicked off with the Undertaker taking on Rey Mysterio. The Dead man’s power & Mysterio’s agility made for an exciting clash of styles in his time match up. John Cena defeated the Undertaker in the second round & ultimately won the tournament. Mysterio started to build strong momentum after wiggling free from a chokeslam to plant the Undertaker with a DDT.  But when Mysterio attempted the West Coast Pop, The Dead Man countered with an emphatic Last Ride for the victory.

Only Superstar to Defeat Every Member of Evolution

Days before Undertaker battled Rick Flair at WrestleMania 18; The Phenom looked to send one final message by putting the hurt on Flair’s son David in a sanctioned match. The Undertaker is the only superstar to defeat every member of Evolution at WrestleMania. The Dead Man didn’t even remove his vest during the beat down, which the Nature Boy tried to interfere.

The Dead Man’s Family Secret

In1996, Paul Bearer shockingly betrayed the Undertaker to align with Mankind. But May 1997, Bearer threatened to reveal an Undertaker family secret if the reigning WWE Champion didn’t join forces with him, yet again. So The Undertaker reluctantly agreed. And alter that week, the Undertaker teamed with two of his fiercest rivals’ form 1990s, Vader & Mankind as they went up against the Nation of Domination on Shotgun Saturday Night.

They didn’t work well as a team, as illustrated by Undertaker taking a shot at Vader during the match, and surprisingly this makeshift pairing lost. The partnership between Undertaker & Bearer didn’t last long though. Because a month later, Bearer revealed his big secret. The Undertaker’s brother Kane was alive. What’s your favorite classic Undertaker match, let us know.


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