WWE celebrated Women’s History Month, but they left Michelle McCool. She was quick to remind the company about the same. Michelle was so much more as a WWE Superstar. The trailblazing Diva isn’t getting the respect she deserves. She tweeted out her reaction after WWE snubbed her on a list that they put out to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Michelle’s statement didn’t go unnoticed by the fans. She wanted to make sure that fans knew her intentions that her comments were not a shot.  Michelle just thought that people needed to realize that she’s more than just The Undertaker’s wife.

WWE has now updated their list and put out a tweet to let fans know about the update. They have added “trailblazers like Michelle McCool and Bull Nakano.” The tweet garnered the attention of The Undertaker who took a shot at WWE. He was unhappy at all about WWE snubbing his wife.


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