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The Undertaker answered the Critic of Critics’ disrespect with Chokeslam

The lights went down, and the music hit as The Undertaker made his way to the ring for a pop. He headed to the ring while Tom Phillips welcomed us to SmackDown. Phillips joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. So, the fans chanted Undertaker’s name. Undertaker stopped on the ring steps while the lights came back up. He entered the ring and looked around as more chants started up. The music stopped while the “Undertaker!” chants continued. Undertaker said he wanted to come out and absorbed all of this. For the past 30 years he’s considered these hallowed grounds his home.

The Phenom said he doesn’t know how many more times he’s going to come home anymore. But there’s one thing he wanted everyone to remember about this place – the Titans that were born here, the Legends and heroes that made were made. Also, it’s rewarding for him to know that he took a piece of each of those souls with him. But they will not be forgotten because the echoes of their memories will go through these hallways for all of eternity. Now, we usher in a new era of Superstar. The music interrupted and came out Sami Zayn. He called for the music to stop, but fans were still singing along. Zayn pointed to The Undertaker in the ring for the crowd to stop.

The Critic of Critics said he knows New York City respects Legends and you sir, are a Legend. Zayn said what he finds most illustrious about The Phenom’s career is his history in this arena because Undertaker has been selling out MSG for 30 years. He said MSG had been Taker’s yard for 30 years. Zayn entered the ring and said he has the utmost respect for Undertaker. However, even The Deadman can admit that tonight, he shouldn’t be the one opening SmackDown in MSG. So, the fans boo. Zayn said even Undertaker would accept the show should’ve been opened by him. He took another step and backed Zayn up.

Zayn said 30 years is a long time and when is enough? He knew Undertaker is paving the way for the future. But the future is here; the future is now, the future is Sami Zayn. Fans booed while Undertaker continued staring at Sami. Zayn said these NYC fans would want nothing more than to see him take out Undertaker, but that’s not why he’s here. Therefore, a loud “you suck!” chant started. Zayn said he’s here out of respect and he’s here to ask Undertaker to turn around and leave the ring. Do the right thing, leave the ring to him and pass the torch. Zayn promised Undertaker that the future of MSG and WWE would be in good hands with him.

He gave Taker his word while they stood in the middle of the ring. The “you suck!” chant started back up. Undertaker nodded and handed the mic to Zayn. The Critic of Critics was shocked but excited. Undertaker kept walking out of the ring but stopped on the apron. He turned around to see Zayn showing off like usual. The Deadman returned to the ring and got in Zayn’s face. He grabbed Zayn and delivered a big chokeslam in the middle of the ring. Undertaker stands tall over Zayn while his music started back up. The Phenom made his exit and stopped on the ramp to raise his fist.


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