WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler was in the ring with a table and chairs for a contract signing. He introduced The Undertaker and he came to sign the WrestleMania 36 contract with AJ Styles. Undertaker quickly marched to the ring instead of taking his time like usual. He entered the ring and immediately started flipping over the table and chairs. Lawler retreated from the ring and here came the commercial.

After the break, Tom said The Undertaker was pissed because there was no contract present on the table. That wasn’t clear before the show quickly went to a commercial break. In addition, we saw to a video package on AJ Styles’ recent promo on Undertaker and Michelle McCool – where Styles promised to put the nail in Undertaker’s coffin and take his soul. Back to the Performance Center, Undertaker was pacing around the ring. Tom confirmed that Undertaker is pissed because there was no contract on the table.

Lawler doesn’t have an explanation. Undertaker continued to pace the ring until Styles’ music hit. Styles’ wasn’t there. The music started back up but there’s no sign of Styles. Finally, The OC, Styles with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, appeared on the big screen. Styles had the contract in his hand. He said Undertaker is a legend who has carried the business on his back, but he keeps putting himself in a company that wants to see him gone.

Styles said you can bet Undertaker will put himself into a WrestleMania season. He said this is all Michelle McCool‘s fault, Money McCool. Styles said McCool helps Undertaker dust off his crusty jacket each year and go out to embarrass himself. Further, Styles took shots at Undertaker, also calling him Mark. He said Undertaker has put his nose in OC business twice now. Styles went on with the shots at Undertaker and his age. He finally signed the contract and asked Anderson to take the contract out to Undertaker. Anderson wasn’t interested.

Styles then asked Gallows to take the contract but he’s also not interested. They argued and AJ sent them both out, telling them not to back-talk him. Gallows and Anderson headed to the ring with the contract. They slowly walked out while Undertaker was staring them down. They’re hesitant, finally laying the contract on the edge of the apron. They started backing up but the lights went out. We heard the bell toll once. The light came back on as the bell tolled again.

Undertaker was no longer in the ring, but now he’s standing behind Gallows and Anderson. They finally turned around to see Undertaker standing behind them but it’s too late. Undertaker destroyed Gallows and Anderson at ringside, sending them into the barriers and the steel ring steps. He signed the contract while Styles was watching on the big screen. Undertaker ripped the contract out of the holder and shoved it in Anderson’s mouth.

The Phenom’s music started back up as he marched to the top of the ramp. Styles was on the big screen, staring back at Undertaker. The Deadman stared back and his music started up to end the segment.


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