Dragunov came out strong with a big boot and a big chop. Cesaro answered with a few of his own. Cesaro took Dragunov down with a shoulder block. He attempted a Flying Crossbody, but Cesaro caught him. Dragunov fought his way out of a slam and an epic staredown. He waved his hand to Cesaro telling him to “bring it.” Therefore, Cesaro destroyed him with an uppercut. A second one took Dragunov off his feet. Dragunov chopped Cesaro down and then hit a senton for a two count. He went for a running corner attack, but Cesaro caught him again and threw him to the outside!

However, the crowd went wild. Cesaro military pressed Dragunov over the barricade before throwing him back into the ring. Also, he delivered a Powerslam and leg drop combo for a near fall. Cesaro slowed the action down by applying a headlock. Dragunov broke the hold with elbows. So, Cesaro switched behind for a back suplex. He covered, but Dragunov refused to stay down. Thus, crowd cheered for a swing. Dragunov tried to escape to the outside, but Cesaro catapulted him into the ropes. Dragunov nailed Cesaro with a punt kick. He went for a 619, but Cesaro blocks it. Cesaro swung him an incredible 40 times.

Thus, Cardiff fans were on their feet. Cesaro covered, while Dragunov shockingly kicked out. He immediately applied a crossface! Dragunov tried to escape, and he rolled Cesaro up for a two count. Cesaro hit a Straight Jab. He used the momentum and hit his signature discus lariat. Cesaro ducked a lariat, but Dragunov followed up with another. Backslide pin attempts while neither man was budging, and Dragunov finally hit Enziguri. He picked Cesaro up for a stalling Saito suplex. Cesaro rolled to the outside while Dragunov connected a suicide dive.

Further, Dragunov climbed to the top and hit a missile dropkick for a near fall. Both superstars were down. Dragunov held Cesaro’s arm so he could unleash a flurry of overhand chops.  Meanwhile, Cesaro headbutted him. He hit Military press knee strike for a two count. Cesaro hit a running basement uppercut for another close near fall. Dragunov attempted nailed Cesaro with a massive blow. He picked Cesaro up in a fireman’s carry and a DVD to the corner. So,  “This is awesome” chants broke out from the crowd. Dragunov climbed to the top and hit a Senton connects but Cesaro kicked out. Finally, Cesaro hit a pop-up uppercut and delivered a Neutralizer to win the match.


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